HELP!!! Looking to buy a Tern Verge Duo

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Jay Pea
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HELP!!! Looking to buy a Tern Verge Duo

Hello Tern Crew Department and Forum Members
After much consideration, I decided to buy a Verge Duo to commute to and from work and to just cruise on. What sold me was the 2 speed hub; I just had a question. At what speed does the Verge Duo switch to a higher gear? I was hooked on the Dahon Mu UNO, until I accidentally ran across one of your Tern bikes on YouTube; and I'm hooked. Is there any chance you can do a video review of the Verge Duo on YouTube? I'm looking to buy the Duo at the end of this week, I can't wait. Please let me know what speed it changes gears in? Thanks in advance.

P.S. Does anybody in the forum own the Verge Duo? Please tell me more about it. My main concern is what speed does the bike change gears in? Are they tough to fold? Easy to ride? I never owned a folding bike so I'm just flooded with questions. Thanks in advance?