Physis 3D Handlepost

3D-Forged = Even Stronger, Stiffer, Better Ride

The handlepost is the Achilles heel of most folding bikes – it is incredibly difficult to make a handlepost that doesn’t flex like a wet noodle when you’re cranking up a hill. We don’t generally brag but the Physis 3D is in a class by itself when it comes to strength and stiffness. We literally could not break the Physis in testing and ended up turning off the test machines after we surpassed the EN standard by 400%. The Physis 3D gets its incredible strength from the 3D forging technology which creates the post from a single block of aluminum. Material distribution is optimized for strength and all welds are eliminated. In fact only a few forging companies in the world can produce such a large, complicated, and precise forging. The end result? Tern bikes that ride great.

Order your Physis 3D Handlepost online here.