451 wheel models? 22"

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451 wheel models? 22"

How soon, if Tern markets one, will we see a folder with the "451" spec, so called 22" wheels that might fit in a standard 62" suitcase? i was noticing that even Cruzbike has a model, the Quest, that fits in the Flite cases. I detest paying an outrageous fee to check an oversized bike or being hit with a bicycle luggage fee.

As a dealer I realize the issues with 451 tire availabiltiy but I think a rider that has the 451s will have a spare along in ares where they are hard to find. I would. Perhaps Tern has a 451 in the lineup and I missed it!

As you can tell by my posts the bikes that travel as checkable baggage are important to some of us and I think it will be growing trend. America is not like Europe where you can ride between "cities" or even nations in half an hour or 45vminutes in some cases. This is a huge land where I frequently fly over 1000 miles and then use the bike. I think this is pivotal.

Folks in large urban areas can and do cycle-commute locally but:

What about those trips to far away places where you want a very "roadable" machine after you arrive? So far 20" wheels is all that we had....until now.

Your thoughts?


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