Dealer in Hong Kong & some suggestions

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Dealer in Hong Kong & some suggestions

Dear Tern team

Is there a possibility of launching Tern bikes in Hong Kong?  Sadly there has been not much seen and heard here exept information (mostly from website/other sources overseas) circulated among cyclists.  I searched on-line and found out this website myself.

By the way, I am also looking for a touring foldie and I am setting my eye on your link P24i or verge 11i.   However, sometimes the 'Teeth' information of cranks and freewheels is missing which is important to me as it tells how well a given bike could handle hilly terrains.  Although the gear inch information is provided, I still hope the missing information could be available.

The use of Alfine hub is a welcoming move to me but I am not sure if you would consider using freewheel with greater no. of 'teeth' and crankset with fewer.  Of course speed-lover's might disagree, but I am looking for an all-purpose bike that make me believe climbing is no longer 'impossible' but  'nothing'.