Frame Noise Improvement

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Frame Noise Improvement

I am interested in learning if Tern has addressed frame noise issues seen in some Dahon bikes.


I purchased a Mu P8 not long ago but since arrival there has been a lot of squeaking.

I have tried adjustment and lube in all the possible areas (hinge, frame latch, seat post, clamps, etc.) with no improvement.

And through internet researches I have seen many discussions on this matter with no conclusive solution.

The condition of the bike is documented here on youtube:

This is probably a rare QC case. But having seen a number of Dahon frame failures I have lost some confident in the Dahon brand.


I am quite interested in replacing the bike with a Tern bike.

But since the design shares similar concept, I would like to know what design and production measures have been taken to improve on this issue.


Thank you!