Got a Tern Link P9 today...

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Got a Tern Link P9 today...

I received my Tern Link P9 today.  A big thanks to Thor for making sure everything was adjusted just right.  After my ride today, I had to slightly adjust the rear derailleur, brakes, and true the wheels (very minor), but that is expected in a new bike.

I brought it inside, took it out of the box, took off all the protective stuff, and it was together and rideable in only a few minutes.

For my first real ride, I took it up a nearby hill for my dentist appointment.  5.16 miles, average speed 10.18 mph, 30:23 minutes, 759 feet of elevation gain with a max grade of 6.2%.

When I got there, I folded it up outside, carried it inside, and set it at the end of the counter near my dental chair.  Had it been a full sized bike, there's no way I would have been able to even bring it into the lobby.

The ride home was a lot quicker.  This time, google tracks said it was 5.13 miles, average speed 16.07 mph, 19:10 minutes, max speed 35.86 mph


Now some comments:

1- unpacking was quite easy.  However, I noticed the aluminum chain protector ring had been hit by something.  I didn't notice anything wrong with the box, so I think this probably happened pre-shipping.  There was a slight dent in the chain protector, it was bent, and the chainring was bent as well.  I noticed this when I first got it together and rode it around my driveway.  I was able to mostly straighten it out and it doesn't appear that anything was affected.  I just hope the crank spider wasn't bent as well.

2- there were a couple of very minor scratches in the paint (the most noticeable one is on the right chainstay by the Neos mount).  Not a big deal, I think most bikes come this way, however, does anyone know how I can get some touch-up paint?  I'd like to fill it in...

3- I've only ridden one other folder - my rebuilt Raleigh 20.  Let me just say that the Tern was amazing.  It was unbelievably stiff, accelerated well, shifted crisply, the brakes were fantastic, and I love the Schwalbe tires.  I could easily stand and mash the pedals going up the hill and there was NO flex anywhere on the bike that I could feel.  At a standstill, I could put on both brakes and rock back and forth pushing and pulling on the handlebars, and the only movement was the bounce of the tires.  I also think this bike probably fits me better than any other bike I own.

4- The grips are fantastic!  They support the palms just right, and because the handlebars turn by opening the quick release, it's easy to get the right angle.  Because the grips are mostly flat, it's easy to bend forward and rest my forarms on the grips, though I wouldn't do this going fast.

5- the fold is outstanding.  The bike easily folds and unfolds, just as it should.  I had high expectations for this and they were definitely met.

6- the gearing was good enough for the hammer-fest up the hill (6.2% grade, about 2 miles long) and riding 35 mph down the hill.  The range was just right for most of the riding I do, and I like the simplicity of only shifting at the rear wheel.


I'm not sure if this is unique to North America, but my Tern did not come precisely as I thought it would.  It was recently spec'ed on the Tern website as I had been expecting it to be.  The Tern website has since changed the specs slightly, but as of this moment, NYCE Wheels and Thor Industries still list the un-corrected specs.  I was expecting to get a bike as Tern had listed and NYCE Wheels and Thor still have listed.

1- it came with Avid brake levers, but I was expecting Biologic Chime, integrated bell (as both NYCE Wheels and Thor still show it comes with).  I'm happy with the Avid levers though, so no complaint there.  Interestingly, the NYCE wheels video review of the Link P9 indicated it had Avid levers.  At the time, I found it strange because their site, as well as Thor's and Tern's all showed the Biologic levers.

2- it came with a regular seatpost, but I was expecting BioLogic PostPump 2.0, forged clamp (again, as both NYCE Wheels and Thor still show it comes with).  The seatpost is good, but I thought the pump was a cool idea and would have liked to have had the pump as it's one less tool to carry.

3- it came with a funky rear reflector that actually has a single red LED that can stay solid or flash, powered by 2 AA batteries.  I'm happy to have this reflector/light instead of just a standard reflector.


And for those of you interested in all the details, here are a couple of facts that I was surprised (happy) to learn.  I don't remember reading about any of these details:

1- there are eyelets for front and rear fenders, as well as a rear rack.

2- there are eyelets for 3 water bottle cages: one of top of the top tube, and one on each side of the top tube.  The one on the top of the top tube comes with bolts to mount a cage, the other two pairs each have rubber plugs.

3- the handlebars have a slight rearward sweep, they are not straight across.  I prefer this.


And lastly, the seatpost is very slippery.  In order for the post stay put, I had to tighten the quick release as tight as I could get it by hand.  I'm a relatively strong male, so I imagine others who are not as strong may have some difficulty with this.