Height/Weight Restrictions & Shopping for the "Perfect Fit"

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Height/Weight Restrictions & Shopping for the "Perfect Fit"

I was looking at Dahons the other day for the first time, and while they had great weight and height support, i am closer to the max, if not already over the limit (possibly, i know i am nearing the max).

I live out in central California, and am thinking of getting myself a bike for shorter trips to my parents' house and short trips to McDonald's, instead of using my car. I am usually slumming around at home playing video games, so i do not get any excerise (in fact, i have not exerted myself beyond a light sweat since i was 15). I am 27 this year, and am 6'4", weighing in around 210-215LBs (might be more since i weigh myself maybe 2 times/year), which is nearing the maximum of the Dahon bikes.

Sorry to mention the other brand, but i could not register into their forum, and after more searching, found Tern's website. I think the bikes look great, but what are the height and weight restrictions? I am worried that i might be able to ride any of them if they are made for riders lighter/shorter than myself.

Looking at all of the bikes, it looks like the larger ones are going to be out of my price range for sure (assumed), and i am looking foward to purchasing a bike from Tern as soon as they become available. My current allotted budget can go as high as maybe $400-500 USD (if i eat one meal every day for the next month), but i'd like to find a simple, easy to care for model for say, 5-10 mile round trips. I do not make much money at my current job, and the local stores around here do not have a great selection. I got interested in folding bikes recently when researching for a new bike to get out of the house with.

I had another question about buying spare parts, but i am sure this will be answered by the community as bikes are released and bought, so it's not a primary concern at the moment.

Thanks for any help you can give, and look foward to seeing your collection thrive!


- ROGER WONG from Livermore, California -