Hello everyone... Need an advice

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Hello everyone... Need an advice

Hello everyone,

My name is Aman and I'm totally new to the bicycle scene (folding or otherwise) and was wondering what I should get.

Let me give you a bit of my background to make things easier.

My wife and I (or should I say my kids) recently accomplished one of THE most exciting things in one's life.  Our kids (8 & 6) are now on two wheelers!!  The 8yr old took more time than the 6yr old, but they're now both free of training wheels and want to ride their bikes every chance they have.  Can't you just tell we're filled with joy? cheekycheekycheeky  We'd like to share in their excitement and join them on weekend bike rides.

Having said that, a friend of a friend brought a folding bicycle to a picnic recently and it got me hooked.  I have no clue which brand/model it was, but it sure was comfortable & fun to ride.  From then on I started looking into folding bicycles.  I went to our local bicycle stores to see what they have/say, as well as, search the internet.

I stumbled onto Tern as I thought Dahon was the best choice out there and wanted to read their forum for feedback.  The information gathered was very helpful and lead me here.

Without rambling on too much... My goal is to enjoy a nice bike ride with my kids without overspending.  From what I've seen so far I like the Dahon MU P8 the best (had a test ride at a store).  Is there an alternative within the Tern line?

It seems the choices are almost limitless and I'm lost.