How to adjust the reach of stem? NVO Axis Stem or Andros for all bikes with fixed frame size?



I was ready to buy one of the beautiful Line series bikes (D8) smiley,  like to try small wheels, never had a foldable,

tried in the shop my seating position and found out I cannot adjust the reach of stem.

May be I am not adapted to the more 'upright' position. I am not very tall with 1,78 cm, but it seems to me a little bit 'short'.

Would be nice if every bike with fixed frame size could arrange this with your NVO Axis Stem or Andros!

Well, the P24h comes with Andros, unfortunately not the P9!





In the Specs I found out: " Distance: Seatpost to Handlebar: Min: 590 mm (23.2") Max: 630 mm (24.8") ",

(was at 610 mm, I had my 'folding rule' with me wink),

so I have to look again, this wasn't explained how it works. Could someone explain?