The Kinobi of the S11i (no, not as in Obi-Wan)

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The Kinobi of the S11i (no, not as in Obi-Wan)


josh.hon wrote:
Hi Sarvasu, You are right. It sounds like your husband should fit but a test ride is recommended. I'm glad you like the Glide. Its a favorite of mine as well. The Eclipse has very much a similar geometry except with a straight bar rather than a curved bar so a slightly longer reach. Eclipse's and Verge's arrive first quarter 2012. J

Good news altogether, Josh. Perhaps we'll make a pilgrimage to the faraway nearest Tern portal, aka Thor's Place, in the early spring. (We're in southern Florida..Remarkably high-quality bike shop here in town, passionate and knowlegable staff, fast reliable service, highest caliber bikes--but no folders! Probably we can change that)


I just realized I could take the opportunity to thank you for essentially everything about the Eclipse and Verge S11i. 


The spirit (maybe best called the soul) of the story of these bikes' evolution as you briefly describe in describing the bikes themselves, thrills me. 


Both the bikes and their conception/evolution/creation make me think of the Japanese word kinobi (you're certainly versed in the concept if not in the word, though probably in both--maybe your grandmother knew Japanese and made sure you learned to express the art-science of the unity of beauty and utility! :-).


Anyway, the synergy of the beautiful and the functional as one dynamically harmonious whole is manifestly apparent in everything I've learned so far about these 2 bikes--to my husband and me, anyway! (It means so much to us that we're determined to buy one even though there is no way we'd ever budget that kind of money for a bicycle!--which altogether, of course, is a natural element in the kinobi!) 


Oh, and did I say thank you?