SKS rear fender on Link D8 does not use bracket near BB?

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SKS rear fender on Link D8 does not use bracket near BB?

Today after a lot of muddy cycling I noticed how the bracket where the bikerest is mounted was all gunked up with mud. This was because the rear fender just stopped before the mounting hole that exists there to secure a rear fender (?!) so all the mud that gets slinged into the back of the fender dribbles into this bracket and into the top of the big allen bolt that is holding the bikerest. As this is a verrrry (!) :) hard spot to clean and easy to get a rusty allen bolt so I decided to mount the rear fender in another way.

I drilled a small hole so I could use the mounting hole in the bracket and mounted the fender bracket under the seatstay connector (previously it was above) so the whole fender turned a few degrees. Then I was able to feed a small bolt through the hole I drilled and secure the bottom part of the fender. As It now comes further than the bracket it cannot dribble mud and water into this small space :)

Easy mod but I was a bit baffled by the decision of Tern not to use the mounting hole they placed on the bike or that the rear fender was a bit to short.

2310 Rear fender now connected to the bracket (previously it stopped 3 cm above the mounting hole)

2311 Rear fender mounting bracket now mounted under the seatstay connector.