Tern Link D8 frame shearing in two

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Tern Link D8 frame shearing in two

Hi all,


I'm wondering if any of you Tern owners have ever had or come across a problem with the frame braking in two?

I'm just curious as this happened to me last Tuesday (10th Dec (2013). The frame on my Link D8 snapped at the weld near the folding hinge as I was traveling on a fairly busy London road at night. I was fortunate in that the traffic missed me as I fell but I hit my head pretty hard (yes, I was wearing a helmet) which knocked me out. To cut a long story short, I had to have a CT scan and several days off work with concussion (which I still have the effects of a week after the incident).

At the moment, Evans are in contact with Tern about the frame, but I have to say I'm now left with little confidence of the bike frame. What if it happens again? Most people I have spoken to (who are cyclist themselves)  think that I'm pretty lucky not to have come off worse than I did....  And I wonder if you good selves have experienced anything like this and do you have any advice?

I've emailed Tern myself but as yet have had no reply.

Just to be clear, I loved the bike... it was perfect for my needs, purchased at the end of last February . I only used it to commute between stations, a journey of 30 mins a day and I'm below the maximum weight, so nothing that should cause such a catastrophic failure to the frame.


Any ideas or advice would be most welcome. :)







edit: picture of frame failure.


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EDIT: (16.05.2014)


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This forum is now a members only forum and CAN NOT be read until you login so you wont know that this post has in fact over 300 replies and I'm NOT the only one this has happened too.


Infact this is why I'm now editing this first post as some people have thought that this is an isolated case or worse a fake.... ITS NOT. 8 people have had their bikes suddenly break in half. One today as I write this!!


Please login to to view the post replies.... as it's still ongoing.


Thank you.