Bike Registration

Thanks for purchasing a Tern bike! We’re proud of the work we’ve done to design and build the world’s best folding bikes. So you can ride with peace of mind, we’re extending a 10-year warranty for all customers who purchased their bikes after September 30, 2015. It’s quick and simple to qualify—just follow these 4 steps:

STEP 1. Complete the warranty card that came with your bike by signing it and asking your dealer to:

  • Perform a final check and tune-up of your bicycle
  • Walk you through the 10-Point Owner Briefing
  • Sign the dealer signature area

If you purchased your bike online, you may sign the card yourself if you’ve reviewed the 10-Point Owner Briefing via written document or video.

STEP 2. Scan or photograph your completed warranty card and your purchase receipt. Check scan/photo for legibility.

STEP 3. Use a smartphone to scan the QR code on the Service Tag located on the down tube of your bicycle to go directly to the registration page for your bike model. Or key in the Service tag code in the field below.

STEP 4. Fill out the short web form and upload the scans/photos of your warranty-registration card and purchase receipt.

We strongly recommend registering your bike so that you can get updates about your bike, as well as warranty or service notices. Please keep in mind that we warranty against defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser of a Tern bicycle from the date of purchase according to the following terms:

Ten YearsFrame, Handlepost, Fork
One YearAll other original parts, including Tern or BioLogic branded parts and components, except where noted on the warranty period table in the warranty information that came with your bicycle.
Additional CoverageAny other original part or component is covered by the stated warranty of the original manufacturer.

To learn more about your Tern warranty, please refer to the warranty information that came with your bike. Or click here to download.

Please enter your Service Tag information