Gear Guide: Storage & Transport

Gear Guide: Storage & Transport

Whether you’re bringing your ride on the metro, taking it on a world tour, or simply storing it at home, the right gear will make it more convenient. We’ve compiled this quick guide to help you navigate your options. All items are made specifically for Tern bikes.

Gear for Transport

We've designed a range of accessories to make it easier to transport your bike—whatever the mode of transportation. Get ready to go multi-modal.

CarryOn™ Cover
Cover and carry your bike

This lightweight cover has hidden straps, which support your bike so that you can hoist it onto your shoulder—leaving your hands free for other tasks. It even comes with its own storage bag; just stuff it away and strap it to your bike so that it's always there when you need it.

For seamless multi-modal commuting

The QuickCover lets you roll, store, or carry your bike while covered. Its unique design shrouds the bike, yet leaves the bottom open—so your bike is ready to roll, and your cover is extra quick to take on and off.

Fly, fly away

The FlightSuit is a reusable set of nine of pads and protectors to pack your 20” or 24” bike in a suitcase for safe long-distance travel. Prevent needless nicks and scrapes by padding your seatpost, dropouts, and other sharp protrusions. Some disassembly of your bike is required.

Trolley™ Rack
Easy transport

Transform your Tern bike for easy travel with our patented Trolley Rack, which functions as an everyday rack and lets you pull along your folded bike like a piece of luggage. The included cover keeps you and other passengers grease-free.

Gear for Storage

These clever accessories will help you conserve space, protect your bike from the elements, and outsmart bike thieves.

Minimalist bike wall mount

The Tern Perch is an award-winning wall mount for storing your bike. The Perch supports bikes up to 18 kg (40 lb) with rubberized grips, which hold the bike securely and carefully in place. It’s simple to use—no latches, straps or catches.

Stow™ Bag
Protective soft-case storage

The Stow Bag is a heavy-duty bike bag that fits 20” and 24” Tern bicycles. It’s padded and built to be stowed—be it in the trunk of a car or in your garage.

  • The above gear is not compatible with our Joe bikes, with the exception of the Perch
  • The Trolley Rack is only compatible with Link bikes, except for the Link A7, B7, and C7