Tern and O.A.T. Offer New eBike Experience

London, UK, March 7, 2019 — Urban transportation specialist Tern and Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T.) today announced the successful first season of a new ebike experience on O.A.T. Small Ship Adventures. With a fleet of 100 Tern Vektron ebikes spread across 13 ships, over 2200 Grand Circle Cruise Line and O.A.T. customers have already enjoyed an ebike tour while on holiday.

Tern and O.A.T. Offer New eBike Experience

Part of the Grand Circle Corporation, O.A.T. specializes in small group adventures on—and off—the beaten path. While itineraries always include the services of a local O.A.T. Trip Leader fostering cultural connections and discoveries, travelers are also encouraged to go exploring independently.

"Our travelers are always looking to explore new places, and one of the best ways of doing so is on a bicycle," said O.A.T. Director of Nautical and Land Planning Alastair Newton. "And an ebike has additional benefits: it allows our customers to explore further and it allows everyone in the family to join without worrying about distance, terrain, or keeping up with the group."

#BikesForBusiness: Delivering Experiences

Offering ebikes as an optional activity for cruise passengers means catering to a wide range of riders, of various ages and heights. The Vektron resizes in seconds to fit riders from 147 to 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”), and features a Bosch drivetrain that ensures a smooth ride regardless of the traveler's age or riding skills. Additionally, the Vektron folds away quickly for compact storage—which is ideal for small ocean cruise ships where space is at a premium.

"O.A.T. runs premium tours and it's great that they are investing in premium ebikes to give their customers the absolute best experience," stated Matt Davis, Tern Sales & Business Development Director. "We're also happy to be able to get a lot of new riders onto bikes—and if this experience encourages them to continue riding when they get home, their local bike shop will be ready to get them on an ebike in no time."

O.A.T. was supplied by Moore Large, Tern's distribution partner in the UK. Moore Large is also responsible for conducting training seminars in several locations in Europe, to ensure all O.A.T. staff handling the ebikes get acquainted with the setup and maintenance of their new Vektron fleet.

Tern Vektron ebikes are available on select cruise lines across Europe. To learn more about O.A.T. and the Grand Circle Cruise Line, visit oattravel.com or gct.com. To learn more about Tern's #BikesForBusiness program, visit ternbicycles.com/bikesforbusiness.