Tips to Transport Your Bike

Tips to Transport Your Bike

A Tern bike has the solid ride you’d expect from a regular bike but it folds compactly—in 10 seconds—to fit in trains, buses, cars, and planes. Keep reading for tips to make it easy to transport your bike—whatever the mode of transportation.


While walking through the bus terminal or train station, here are some ways to transport your bike comfortably and conveniently:

Conquer stairs by hooking the saddle nose over your shoulder

Push and roll your bike using the saddle as the handle

Carry your bike like a shoulder bag with our CarryOn Cover™
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Pull the bike behind you like a suitcase with our Trolley Rack™
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Protect yourself and others from grease and grime with our QuickCover™
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If you plan to take your bike onto public transportation, be sure to check your local regulations so that you’re prepared. Some things to look out for:

Any time restrictions for traveling with a bike

Any additional fees

Special boarding zones or guidelines for where to ride

Guidelines for storing the bike while riding

Max folded size or wheel size

Max number of folded bikes allowed per vehicle, train, or train car

Whether or not folded bikes must be covered


Use elevators instead of escalators whenever possible

Roll your bike unfolded until the last possible moment (e.g. the ticket turnstile), and then fold it

Once you board the train or bus, use a strap to secure the bike to rails to prevent it from falling over


Any of our 20” or 24” bikes can pack into a regulation large-sized suitcase with a bit of disassembly. When picking out a suitcase, look for one with an inner size:

20” Wheel Bikes
75 × 54 × 32 cm / 30” × 21” × 13”

24” Wheel Bikes
80 × 65 × 29 cm / 31” × 26” × 11”

You’ll need to cushion certain parts of your bike for protection during transit. So, check out our 9-piece pad kit called the Tern FlightSuit™.


For the best protection, use a hardshell suitcase

Before heading to the airport, double check that the final package doesn’t exceed your airline’s baggage weight limit

Ask the staff at the check-in desk to attach a FRAGILE tag to the bag

Get step-by-step instructions to pack your bike in a suitcase


To protect your bike, you’ll want to stash it in your car in an upright position. Then, secure it in place with bags or other objects to make sure it won’t fall over in transit. If, for any reason, you need to lay your bike down flat, be sure to protect the Drivetrain by laying the bike down with the Rear Derailleur facing up.


If you are concerned about the grease or mud from the bike rubbing off on your car, consider covering it with our QuickCover

If you have an Adjustable Stem, you can minimize the bike’s folded size by adjusting it to a straight, upright position before folding

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