Big fan of Dahon and all the best for Tern (plus a question)

Dear Josh and the Tern team,

I have recently purchased 3 Dahons (1 Vector X20 and 2 Jetstream EXs) for my family and I absolutely love it. I wanted to see what the Dahon community was like and we are very sad to hear of the differing visions at Dahon and we hope Tern will be hugely successful, and I am sure you will be!

I do have a question, and I hope I am not being insensitive, but after all I was unable to register and post at the Dahon forums (and as I understand it, the reason the Dahon forums are closed is because the forum admin is at Tern, a sticky situation indeed for new Dahon owners).

I have posted this at the forum but I would like to hear from someone with the technical knowledge to answer my question.


Anyway the question pertains to the Jetstream EX:

I would like to upgrade the existing shock in my bike. Basically, as I undestand it, the measurements are (I lifted the bike up to make sure there are no compression):

Rear Shock: Suntour Epicon eye-to-eye 15.5cm
Front Shock: German A eye-to-eye 19.5cm

If I install a slightly longer shock, front longer by 0.5cm eye to eye, and back longer by 1 cm eye to eye, will it be a huge problem on the ride quality? My thinking is that I will let the longer shocks sag a little more to attain the same height when I sit on the bike.

Also, am I correct in assuming that the Jetstream EX has a flat leverage ratio for the suspension design (both front and back)?



I absolutely understand if you choose not to answer the question, but I'm hoping you will! :)

All the best for everyone at Tern.