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Riding a Short Haul equipped with a front-mounted child seat

One special passenger-carrying feature of the Short Haul is that it can support a front-mounted child seat (Tern bikes with a Physis Handlepost or Speedlifter stem cannot support a front-mounted child seat).

Of course, when riding with one child it is always preferable to have the child seat installed on the rear of a bike. But if you need to take two little ones along for the ride, you may want to consider installing a front-mounted child seat as well.

Things to Consider Beforehand (Warnings!)

  • A front-mounted child seat places the weight of the child quite high, and makes steering and handling more difficult. Make sure you are comfortable with the setup by first practicing in a safe area with a similar weight (to the child) in the seat.
  • Some riders may find that their legs touch or push against the child seat when pedaling. Altering your pedaling motion may help, but that will further reduce maneuverability. Again, test and practice before making any live school runs.

Finding a Compatible Child Seat

  • Tern has tested the Bobike Go mini, but other front-mounted child seats may be compatible as well. Consult with your Tern Dealer to find a child seat that is suitable. Please note, different child seats may have different safety considerations. Make sure to read all documentation included with the child seat before using it.
  • The Short Haul has a one and one-eighth inch (Ø1-1/8”) steering tube. The child seat will require a mounting kit that fits a tube this size.
  • Child seats should always include the required elements for safe passenger carrying: seating, safety harness, foot support, foot and leg protection.


21-TN-duostand-Gen1-closeup-square 21-TN-duostand-Gen2-closeup-square
Single long headset spacer Multiple small headset spacers
  • Please follow the child seat installation instructions to make sure you properly install and securely mount the child seat.
  • The Short Haul features a single long headset spacer on the steering tube. For the Bobike Go mini, you will need to replace the longer spacer with multiple smaller headset spacers once the child seat is installed. Remember to use spacers fit for a Ø1-1/8” steering tube. Other child seats may, or may not, require replacing the spacer. 
  • Loose brake and shifting cables can get tangled in the seat's footrest or on the foot of a child and thus interfere with steering. To avoid this issue, secure the loose cables to the stem using a zip tie or other securing method.
  • Consult with your local Tern Dealer if you are unsure how to install a front-mounted child seat.

Other Considerations

  • We highly recommend installing the Duostand if you plan on using a front-mounted child seat.
  • When using a front-mounted child seat, you will not be able to install any Tern accessories (e.g. Hauler Rack) on the front of the bike.
  • And as always, we recommend all riders and passengers, including those riding in child seats, wear appropriate helmets.