Pack a Verge into the AirPorter Mini

Pack a Verge into the AirPorter Mini

Follow these steps to fit Verge Duo, D9, N8, P9, P9L, P10, P18, P20, S11i, X10, X11 and X20 into the AirPorter Mini. Note that while the disassembled Cargo Rack fits in the AirPorter Mini, not all racks are guaranteed to fit.

You’ll need:

1. 2 mm hex key
2. 5 mm hex key
3. 15 mm crescent wrench

Parts Inside the AirPorter Mini:



1. Hub axle discs (only needed for disc brakes and QR)
2. Front Drop Out holder
3. Rear Drop Out holder
4. Chainring protector
5. Pedal bag
6. First pad
7. Second pad


Step 1 : Remove the Pedals and place into the Pedal Bag.


Step 2 : Remove the Mudguards and place to one side. Attach the Chainring Protector to the Chainring.


Step 3 : Undo the seat Clamp Quick Release and remove the Seatpost and place aside. Then, remove Wheels and insert the Drop Out Holders to the Front and Rear Dropouts.

Step 4 : Apply the Hub Axle Discs to the right side of the Hub Axle of the Rear Wheel and the left side of the Hub Axle of the Front Wheel.


Step 5 : Remove the Handlepost by loosening the Steerer Clamp Bolts and Top Cap Bolt, then reattach the Top Cap.





Step 6 : Lay the AirPorter Mini down flat, open up the cover and lay the buckles on the outside, then place the Rear Wheel in the bottom right corner.

Step 7 : Place the First Pad over the Rear Wheel.


Step 8 : Fold the Frame. Place the folded Frame on top of the First Pad, crank-side down with the Rear Wheel Drop Outs on the left hand side, Cranks at the bottom and Joint on the right hand side of the AirPorter Mini. Then, wrap the rear Frame Half with the First Pad.



Step 9 : Slide the Seatpost into the First Pad between the Rear Chain Stays, ensuring that the Seatpost and Frame are protected by sufficient padding.


Step 10 : Place the Second Pad over the folded Frame, place the Fenders on the left-hand side and lay the Handlepost on top.


Step 11 : Place the Front Wheel on top of the Second Pad, then clasp the buckles shut and cinch tightly.


Step 12 : Put the Pedal Bag into the zipper pockets on the inside of the AirPorter cover.


Step 13 : Close the AirPorter and zipper it closed. Secure zippers in the zipper lock.