How to Create Your Own GSD Accessory

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to get dimensions of our GSD rack so that people can design their own accessories. We love it when people GSDiy and we can’t wait to see all the cool things people come up with to make the GSD more useful. Whether you’re just making something for yourself or planning to make something to sell to GSD riders, we’re good with it.

Register Below to Start Creating Your Own GSD Accessory

We’re asking people to register here before they download the rack dimensions. We are doing this for a few reasons: one, we get a buzz from seeing well-designed bike products; two, we want to help publicize the great products that are made; and three, we need to digitally sign a contract so things like IP ownership, liability, etc are clearly specified.


Already working on something? Use the hashtag #GSDiy on social media and tag @ternbicycles to show us what you're creating!

If you have any questions, please contact us at ask (dot) us @

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