Ruote Kinetix™ Pro

Ruote Kinetix™ Pro

Ultra leggere e ultra veloci

We wanted some really light, fast 20” wheels so we worked with Rolf Dietrich, one of the industries’ foremost experts on bicycle wheels, to develop this pair. Rolf was demanding: custom spokes from Sapim in Belgium, custom hubs from Bill Shook and American Classic, custom rims from one of the premier Taiwan factories where you can’t even go in the back room. Hand-laced and stressed with a custom-spoke stress machine. Through three cycles. And spoke tensions measured only with a DT Swiss tensiometer. Seriously, Rolf even specified the brand of tensiometer. The result is a masterpiece.

  • Ultra light at only 995 grams for the pair
  • Ultra strong despite only 14 spokes in the front and 16 in the rear
  • Custom spokes, hubs and rims
  • Hand-laced
  • Patented technology

Informazioni tecniche



Dimensioni (lunghezza x profondità x altezza)

20” diameter


995 g (35 oz) for the pair

Capacità di carico
Capacità in volume
Biciclette compatibili

Tern Verge-series bikes
Tern Link-series bikes

Articoli compatibili


Aluminum 6061