Sidekick™ Foot Pegs

Sidekick™ Foot Pegs

Spring-Loaded Support

The Sidekick Foot Pegs are retractable foot supports for a rear passenger on the GSD. They tuck into the frame when not in use, and pop out with one push when you need them.

  • Specially designed for the Tern GSD
  • Helps a rear passenger ride in comfort and style
  • Pops out of the frame with a simple push
  • Tucks back into the frame just as easily

Informazioni tecniche



Dimensioni (lunghezza x profondità x altezza)

135 × 32 × 20 mm (5.3 × 1.3 × 0.8 in)


444 g (1 lb)

Capacità di carico
Capacità in volume
Biciclette compatibili


Articoli compatibili

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