Pump It Up

Pump It Up

Tires lose pressure over time, affecting your speed and comfort. To help you ride better, we prepared some quick tips and a step-by-step tire maintenance guide.


Skinny tires need air almost daily; fatter tires need air weekly.

You should check your tire pressure with a gauge before every ride.

When pumping up, stay within the recommended tire pressure range; it should be stamped on the sidewall of your tires.

Inflate to the upper limit for a faster ride. And to the lower limit for a smoother ride.

Make sure you’re prepared out on the road. Keep a patch kit and mini pump with you at all times. Or check out our BioLogic PostPump™ 2.0 Seatpost, which includes a hidden full-size floor pump.


As with most things in life, moderation is a virtue. Don’t under-inflate and don’t over-inflate.

Increases the risk of a flat. If you hit holes, ruts or rocks, soft tires can allow the rim to pinch the tube. It also leads to quicker wear out.

Can result in a harsh and uncomfortable ride. Significant overinflation can also pop or break your tire.


Before you begin, take note of whether your tires have a Schrader Valve (left) or Presta Valve (right). Schrader Valves are wider in diameter and are commonly used on bikes with wide rims. Presta Valves are narrower and have an external Stalk secured by the Valve Cap.

1. Stalk
2. Valve Cap

STEP 1. Identify your tire pressure; it should be stamped on the sidewall of your tires.

STEP 2. Get a floor pump with a pressure gauge.

STEP 3. Take off the dust cap. If you have a Presta Valve, loosen the Valve Cap at the top until you can push the Stalk in and you can hear air hissing out.

STEP 4. Attach your pump.

STEP 5. Use the bike pump gauge to measure the tire pressure. You may need to pump a tiny bit to get a reading.

STEP 6. If your tire pressure is too low, pump it up until it reaches the right pressure. Be careful to hold the valve still so you don’t damage it or rip it out of the tube.

STEP 7. Put the dust cap back on. Twist it until it’s finger-tight. For Presta Valve, tighten the Valve Cap firmly until you can no longer press the Stalk down.

STEP 8. While you’re at it, quickly check the tire walls for any cuts or splits. Use a screwdriver to gently remove any debris stuck in the treads.