Meet the Vektron

Ride it, Fold it, Go Further

The Vektron is a best-in-class electric bike that folds in 10 seconds to go on trains, in cars, and under desks. Shorten distances and flatten the hills on your commute, or put a couple of Vektrons in the trunk of your car on your next trip, so you can explore further.

Best in Class

In test after test, the Vektron is called the best folding ebike on the market. With an updated frame, upgraded Bosch motors, and a wide ecosystem of accessories to help you carry your stuff, the Vektron will easily turn a lot of your car trips into bike trips.


Ready to Roll

Once you fold your Vektron, it’s easy to roll it around. The new frame design also lets you keep the bike in vertical position when folded, so stopping and going is easier than ever.

Rides Better

There are other folding electric bikes but none ride better. The Vektron is stiff and stable for a truly solid ride – even when fully loaded. Take a test ride and feel the difference.

It rides like a dream and unlike just about any folding bike I’ve ever tried.

- Electrek

Takes You Further

Take your Vektron on a train or bus to cover those extra-long commutes, or to complete the first and last leg of your commute faster. Ride to the station, hop on, hop off, and keep riding.

One Size Fits Most

The Vektron has a low-step frame design and resizes in seconds—no tools required—to fit riders between 145 and 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”), so you can share the bike with anyone in your family.

Kiddie Compatible

School runs have never been more fun! The frame-integrated Atlas V Rack is designed to fit a Thule Yepp Maxi or a Nexxt Maxi seat—no adapters needed.

Why the Vektron?

Tern Folding Technology

Our patented Andros Stem, Physis 3D Handlepost, and OCL+ Frame Joint are incredibly strong and stiff, easy-to-use, and serviceable.

250 Watts of Dependable Power

The Bosch-equipped Vektron can take you up to 25km/h (20 mph in the U.S.), maintaining its excellent performance while delivering a quiet ride with less pedal resistance.

No More Range Anxiety

With a Bosch PowerPack, your Vektron gets a range of up to 130 km. Clip your battery on and lock it for theft protection, or clip it off for easy indoor charging.

Night-time Safety

The Vektron comes equipped with integrated lights front and rear so you can see and be seen. The lights are wired to your Bosch battery so you’ll never have to charge your lights again. Up front the Vektron features the upgraded Valo Direct light with 30% more light output.

All-Weather Stopping Power

With hydraulic disc brakes, your Vektron is ready for a safer ride, giving you excellent stopping power, and working effortlessly even in rain, snow, or mud. All it takes is the gentle pull of just two fingers.

Strong and Stiff Rack

Haul all your gear with ease. With a burly frame-integrated rack that carries up to 27 kg, the Vektron handles well even when loaded. The Atlas V Rack is KLICKfix-compatible, and was designed to work seamlessly with a Thule Yepp Maxi or Nexxt Maxi child seat.


See For Yourself

We could go on and on about how the Vektron is a great bike. But nothing beats going for a test ride and finding out what’s the best match for you.

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It rides like a dream and unlike just about any folding bike I’ve ever tried.


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One Vektron, Different Price Points

The Vektron was designed to fit riders of different sizes, with different needs, and also different budgets. That means you can get all the high-quality, award-winning features of the Vektron without breaking the bank.

Imagen eliminada.

Vektron S10
  • Bosch Performance
  • Range of 53-106 km
  • $$$

Imagen eliminada.

Vektron Q9
  • Bosch Active Line Plus
  • Range of 55-110 km
  • $$

Imagen eliminada.

Vektron P7i
  • Bosch Active Line Plus
  • Range of 54-108 km
  • $$


Bucketload Pannier

Dry Goods Bag

Market Basket


Luggage Truss

Go-To Bag

HQ Bag

Stow Bag
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