Daily Riding Checklist

Daily Riding Checklist

We design our bikes so that they can be everyday companions. However, before each ride, you need to give your bike a quick check. To make sure it's tuned up, safe and ready to go, we suggest you use the ABC Quick Drop test.

The 'ABC Quick Drop' Test



Check the air pressure on your Tires. Use your thumb to press the Tires. They should feel nice and firm but avoid over-inflating.


Brakes and Bars

Check the Brakes by squeezing the Levers and making sure the bike stops. Check that the Brake Cables are undamaged and untangled.

Check that Bars (Handlebar, Handlepost, Handlebar Extensions) are tightly in place and undamaged by turning the Handlebar left and right with the Front Wheel in between your legs.


Chain and Cables

Check that Chain turns freely through Gears by rotating the Crank backwards, and make sure Cables are undamaged.


Quick Releases

Check that Quick Releases (Wheels, Seat Tube, Handlepost) and Joints (Frame, Handlepost) are closed securely.


Drop the Bike

Lift the bicycle a few inches and drop it to the ground. If anything shakes or rattles, make adjustments before riding.

More Info

To get more information about bicycle safety, check out www.bikeleague.org