Boost Your Cargo Capacity

Boost Your Cargo Capacity

Did you know you can use your Tern bike for shopping and commuting, or even a year-long bike tour? Our bikes are born to carry. If you’re biking to work, you can arrive at the office without an achy (or sweaty) back. And you can skip the weekend drive to the store in favor of a grocery stop on your bike route home.

Our Recommended Kits

We’ve designed a whole ecosystem of gear so your bike can do the heavy lifting. Based on what you’re doing on your bike, you’ll want different cargo gear. Check out our recommended kits for shopping, commuting and touring below. Everything is designed to work seamlessly with our bikes.


  1. Kori Basket
  2. Cargo Rack
  3. Kontti Basket
  4. Luggage Truss
  5. Hold 'Em Basket


  1. Cargo Rack
  2. Big Mouth Pannier
  3. RidePocket
  4. Kanga Rack
  5. Luggage Truss


  1. Dry Goods Bag
  2. Cargo Rack
  3. RidePocket
  4. Spartan Rack

How to Get Started

Step 1

Get a Rack or (Two)

If your bike didn’t come with a rack, the frame is designed to make it easy for you to add front and rear racks. Check out these racks, which were designed specifically to go with our bikes.

Rear Racks

Cargo Rack™
Heavy-duty dual-rail rear rack

The Cargo Rack is a robust KLICKfix™ compatible rear rack for 20” and 24” Tern bikes. With a 25 kg carrying capacity, and ultra-rigid DoubleTruss™ 3D design, it’s the most robust and versatile rack in our collection.

Loader™ Rack
KLICKfix™ compatible SideStrap™ rack

The Loader Rack is a light and handy rear rack design for Tern Link, Verge P-series and Verge N-series bikes. The Loader comes with a double-hooked SideStrap™ bungee that enables you to cleverly anchor your gear on the top of your rack.

Front Racks

Spartan™ Rack
Low-riding front rack

Designed for loaded touring, the Spartan Rack is built from large-gauge tubular aluminum for strength and stiffness. Thanks to its low center of gravity, it delivers excellent stability when saddled with panniers without compromising folded size. Fits 20” Tern bicycles, except when equipped with Tarsus forks.

Luggage Truss™
Über-practical luggage mount

Cleverly attach any KLICKfix™-compatible bag, basket, or rack to the front of your bike—without affecting steering. A quick-release connector lets you attach and detach bags and baskets at the push of a button.

Step 2

Add a Bag or Basket

Need to carry groceries, a laptop, or your workout clothes? No problem. We offer 3 types of bags and baskets for our bikes.

Rack Top

These mount to the top of our rear racks using the KLICKfix™ system, which makes for easy mounting and un-mounting.

Kori™ Basket
Industrial-elegant rack-top aluminum basket

The Kori Basket is an elegant and sturdy 18 L aluminum basket that clips onto your rear rack. It fits your laptop bag on the way to the office and a load of groceries on the way home. If it gets dirty, hose it down and make it new again.

Dry Goods™ Bag
Messenger comfort, rack-top convenience

This 100% waterproof roll-top bag keeps your gear—cozy and dry. An easy-access outer pocket shelters smaller items from the rain, and an expandable outer mesh pocket provides quick storage. The bag works with all Tern rear racks, and doubles as a messenger bag off your bike.


These hang from the side of your rack—putting the cargo low to the ground, which keeps the bike very stable even under heavy loads.

Big Mouth™ Pannier
Easy-access grocery-getting pannier

The Big Mouth Pannier is our big (23 L) cargo solution that securely carries your gear, groceries, and goods, but folds down small when not in use.

Kontti™ Basket
The 21st century pannier basket

The Kontti Basket is a lightweight, spacious, and virtually indestructible bike basket. It clips onto your rear rack with Ortlieb® pannier mounts and sports a rugged handle for running errands in the city.

Front Mounted

Nearly all our bikes include a Luggage Socket behind the Headbadge. This lets you easily add one of our front-mounted racks, baskets and bags—without affecting steering.

Kanga™ Rack
Front-mounted rack

The Kanga Rack is a versatile “racksket” (rack-basket hybrid) that magically turns your favorite bag into a bicycle bag. Thanks to the open design and adjustable strap system you can secure big and unwieldy bags that would be too big for a basket.

Hold ’Em™ Basket
A real go-getter

This stout front basket mounts on your frame for stable steering in the city. It’s big enough to carry a bag of groceries or a backpack and, thanks to the cinch-cover, it holds everything in place. It attaches and detaches in seconds, making it the perfect shopping companion.

Step 3

Make Sure You're Ready for Rain

If you’re using your bike for commuting, your bound to run into some wet conditions, sooner or later. So, check out our handy Storm™ Cover, which works with our Big Mouth Pannier, Kontti Basket, and Kori Basket.

Traveling light?

Need to carry a few items like your phone, wallet & keys? Check out our RidePocket, which is built to hold everything you keep in your pockets: wallet, cellphone, and keys.

Handlepost-mounted pocket replacement

It keeps your essentials accessible and safe—and even comes with a waterproof rain cover. It mounts to your bike with a velcro strap, making it the quickest and easiest (but also smallest) option in our cargo ecosystem.


  1. Avoid hanging a bag from your Handlebars, as it can affect your steering and interfere with the Brakes and Front Wheel
  2. The Link B7 and Joe bikes are not compatible with the Luggage Truss, Kanga Rack or HoldAll Basket
  3. Please see individual product pages for max carrying capacity