Using the QuickCover™

Using the QuickCover™

In cities all around the world, bikes need to be bagged (even folding bikes!) before they’re allowed on subways, trains, and buses. The QuickCover is designed to be the easiest, lightest, and most convenient way to cover, roll, and store a Tern bike. To make the most of your new QuickCover, check out our tips and tricks below.

Three Ways to Use the QuickCover:

1. Cover and carry your bike

2. Cover and trolley your bike

3. Cover and store your bike

Cover and Carry

1. Drape the QuickCover over your bike and zip the cover closed.




2. Cinch both drawstrings, for a snug fit. 


3. Slide your hand into the middle opening of the cover to grab on to your bike. Carry it onto the subway, and commute multi-modally with impunity.


Cover and Trolley

Follow steps 1 and 2 from “Cover and Carry”, then:

1. Lift the saddle through the middle opening, and tilt the bike backwards.


2. Loop the top drawstring over your saddle, so your QuickCover won’t get stuck under the wheels while trolleying.


3. Roll your covered bike, using the saddle as a push handle.



Cover and Store

Follow step 1 from “Cover and Carry”, then:

1. Enjoy your covered bike!