GSD S10 Chain Tensioner – Important Installation Tips

GSD S10 Chain Tensioner – Important Installation Tips


We received a report that the Chain Tensioner on a GSD S10 was worn out too quickly within just a few weeks of use. After gathering some information, we discovered that in some production batches the Chain Tensioner was not installed properly. When installed correctly, the Chain Tensioner is facing outward. Please refer to the picture below.


Short-Term Solution

If the Chain Tensioner is in the incorrect position, please follow the instructions below to reverse the position.


  •  2 pcs of 5 mm Hex Key
  •  1 pc of 4 mm Hex Key


1. Set Shifter so that the Chain is at the smallest rear Cog.

2. Use 2 pcs of 5 mm Hex Key to loosen the Chain Tensioner and remove it from the Bracket.


3. Use a 4 mm Hex Key to loosen both screws which fix the Bracket to the Frame.


4. Remove the Bracket.


5. Reverse the position of the Bracket and fix it to the Frame. Use a 4 mm Hex Key to partially tighten both screws.


6. Place the GSD in its vertical parking position. Adjust the Bracket so that the Bracket aligns in parallel with the center plane of the bike. Once they are parallel, tighten both screws.


7. Before fixing the Chain Tensioner to the Bracket, pay attention to the configuration below:


8. Put the Chain on the Pulley Rail and adjust the position as necessary to ensure the Chain does not touch the Stopper. Then fix the Chain Tensioner to the Bracket.


9. Use 2 pcs of 5 mm Hex Key to tighten the Chain Tensioner.


10. Rotate the Crank Arm to check if the Chain can run smoothly. In case there are any issues, adjust as necessary.

Long-Term Solution

We have notified our assembly staff to install the Chain Tensioner correctly in future batches.