Sidekick Footrests

The Sidekick Footrests provide comfortable support for your passenger’s feet. These non-retractible flat footplates offer solid, non-slip support, and are compatible with most rear-rack accessories.

Ten produkt jest częścią Tern Passenger System. Zobacz, jakie dodatkowe akcesoria są potrzebne, aby bezpiecznie przewozić pasażerów na rowerze:

Przewożenie Pasażerów

  • Designed for the HSD, and compatible with other bikes
  • Helps your passenger ride in comfort and style
  • Durable aluminum deck for sturdy foot support
  • 3M® non-slip paper prevents feet from slipping and sliding in the rain
  • Compatible with most rear-rack accessories, including panniers and the Kontti Basket


Sidekick Footrests: Footrests for HSD

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
95 × 60 × 60 mm (3,7 × 2,4 × 2,4 wśród)
Load Capacity
20 kg (44,1 lb)
Aluminum 5052
Weight (per set)
0,35 kg (0,8 lb)