Pack a Verge Tour (S27h) in the AirPorter

Pack a Verge Tour (S27h) in the AirPorter

The following steps only pertain to fitting a Verge Tour(S27h) into an AirPorter suitcase.

For the Verge X30h & Verge X18, please follow the Tern Tech Tip Fitting a Verge X30h or X18 into the AirPorter.

For Verge Duo, Verge P18, X10, X20, please follow the Tern Tech Tip Fitting a Verge into the AirPorter.


3984 AirPorter Parts:

1. Hub axle discs (not required)
2. Front dropout holder (not required)
3. Rear dropout holder (not required)
4. Chainring protector
5. Pedal bag
6. First pad


Step 1: Attach the chainring protector to the chainring.


Step 2: Push the yellow button to remove the Right Pedal. Use a 15 mm crescent wrench to remove the Left Pedal and store both Pedals in the pedal bag.

Step 3: Align the Andros Stem to the Handlepost and rotate the Handlebars down so that the Brake Levers face the base of the handlepost. Remove the handlepost with a 5 mm hex key and re-tighten the top cap.

Step 4: Open the Quick Release Lever to remove the Seatpost and set aside.

Step 5: Remove Front Mudguard with a 4 mm hex key and set aside.

Step 6: Remove Spartan Rack with a 4 mm hex key for the side bolts, and a 5 mm hex key and 10 mm wrench for the main bolt on the fork crown mount.

Step 7: Remove Front Wheel by opening the Quick Release Lever. Unscrew the Quick Release Acorn and slide out the Quick Release Skewer. Place the hub axle discs to the side of the Wheel.


>Step 8: Insert the dropout holders to the front and rear dropouts.



Step 9: Lay the AirPorter down flat, open up the cover and place the buckles on the outside. Put the pedal bag and front quick release into the zippered pocket on the inside of the AirPorter Cover.


Step 10: Place the folded frame into the AirPorter. Make sure the bike is crank-side down with the rear wheel on the right side of the suitcase. The crank will be at the bottom and the hinge on the left-side of the Airporter.


Step 11: Place the Seatpost below the Crank Arm, with saddle facing to the left.


Step 12: Place the first pad over the Seatpost and insert beneath the front half of the Frame.


Step 13: Place the Fork at the bottom of the AirPorter with the dropouts facing to the right. Place Handlepost with Handlebar above the Fork with Handlebar facing right.


Step 14: Fold the Spartan Rack and place on the bottom left corner of the AirPorter. Place the Front Mudguard on top of the Spartan Rack, beside the Front Fork with the Steerer Tube in between the Mudguard Stays.


Step 15: Place the second pad over the Fork, Handlepost and Front Mudguard. The edge of the pad should just reach to the top of the AirPorter.


Step 16: Place the Front Wheel on top of the second pad and fold the remaining section of the pad towards the Front Wheel.


Step 17: Fasten the buckles and tightly cinch the straps.


Step 18: Zip up the AirPorter. Secure the zippers in the zipper lock.