See and Be Seen

See and Be Seen

When riding in the dark (or even low light), you need to keep yourself safe from motorists by making sure you’re immediately recognizable as a person on a bike. Drivers will use more caution when passing you if they know you’re a cyclist and not another motorized vehicle. Accidents often occur at a 90° angle. So, make sure you’re visible from the sides as well as from the front and back. Aim for 360° lighting and 360° reflectivity.


If your bike didn’t come equipped with lighting, you’ll need to get front and rear lights.

Your front light should be white. It serves two purposes: to make sure oncoming traffic sees you on unlit roads and to help you see your surroundings. A flashing light will attract attention best while a steady light will let you see best. Depending on the light and traffic conditions where you’re riding, you may want both.

Your rear light should be red. Use it in flashing mode to attract attention but keep in mind that it’s easier for drivers to judge your distance if you use it in steady mode. We suggest using your rear light in non-flashing mode if you’re not riding under streetlights the entire way.

Below are some of the lights from our gear collection. There’s a nice mix of options—from self-powered to rechargeable, from white to red, from steady to flashing.

Safety—radically reinvented
This light projects 360° of radial light on the ground while you ride. This creates a clear signal for cars to pass at a safe distance, and illuminates your body, so drivers can see you’re a cyclist and react accordingly. It’s weatherproof, rechargeable, and beautifully encased.

BioLogic TailLight™
Two-in-one rear light
A two-in-one LED light and reflector that snaps onto the rails of a bike saddle—no tools required. It sits up high so it’s more visible to cars coming up from behind and the bright LED light features both blinking and steady modes.

Floodlights for your ride
This 41 lux, 150 front light sits inside our Andros and VRO stems, where it’s protected from knocks, bumps, and theft. Clarity™ optics project a wide, even beam pattern for side-of-the-road visibility, and the CryoCore™ cooling design uses the handlebar as a heat sink to ensure the light stays bright. We offer two power versions: one for electricity-generating hubs (Valo 2), and one that works with any standard power bank (Valo Direct).

BioLogic Revue™
Rechargeable rear & front lights
With 3 lighting modes, these lights are rechargeable, water resistant, and easy to take on and off your bike. The white front light packs 40 lumens and the red rear light packs 15. Both have 25 hours of illumination in flashing mode, 6 hours in low-steady, and 3 hours in bright-steady mode.

BioLogic Joule™ 3 Dynamo Hub
Power when you need it
When you’re riding at night, the Joule 3 electricity-generating hub will ensure you’re never caught off-guard. You’ll always have power for your lights. It’s so light and efficient, you’ll hardly notice it’s there—until you’re thankful it is. Perfect companion for the Valo 2.


If it’s a gloomy or foggy day, err on the safe side by using your lights during the day. They will help motorists see you sooner.

If you are using rechargeable lights, consider carrying a second pair in case the juice runs out mid ride or if the main pair gets lost, stolen, or forgotten.

You don’t want to blind oncoming traffic. So, make sure your front light is angled down towards the road.


Bright car headlights can overwhelm the active lights on a bike. That’s why reflectivity is so important. The brighter a car’s headlights, the brighter the reflectivity shining back at the driver. Aim for 360° of reflectivity so that motorists can see you from every angle. By law, your bike will already have some reflectors but don’t stop at the minimal legal requirement. Here are some basic sources of reflectivity you should considering adding if they aren’t already on your bike.


Tires with reflective sidewalls
Provide excellent visibility from multiple angles. Many of our bikes have these.

Amber pedal reflectors
Make you stand out on the road as a “cyclist” thanks to the up-down motion. Most of our pedals have these built in.

Red rear reflector
Increases visibility with motorists coming up from behind.

White front reflector
Adds visibility with oncoming traffic.

Wheel or spoke reflectors
Offer great side visibility and tend to get noticed because they move as you ride.


Consider getting reflective gear, as well. Here are some suggestions:

Cycling jackets
Cycling gloves
Reflective ankle bands
Reflective socks
Cycling shoes with reflective heels
Cycling bags with reflectivity (See our selection here)


During the daylight, bright colors—such as bright yellow, lime green, orange and red—help you stand out.

You can maximize your visibility and make it more obvious that you’re a cyclist by adding reflectivity to moving parts such as pedals, wheel spokes, and feet/shoes.