Andros Stem – Important Installation Tips

Andros Stem – Important Installation Tips

For installation purposes, your Andros™ Stem indicates a torque value of 9 – 12 Nm. We’ve found that—if you apply this much torque—it will be too hard for you to open and close the Levers.


Instead, we recommend you tighten the Adjustment Bolts such that it will not allow Handlebar to move or rotate but please do not exceed 8 Nm. Please find instructions below.



(1) Clamps
(2) Levers
(3) Adjustment Bolts
(4) Physis 3D T-Bar Handlepost



Tools Required:

5 mm Hex Key

Open the Andros Levers and loosen the Adjustment Bolts with 5mm Hex Key.

Make sure Adjustment Bolts are set equally on both sides by comparing the amount of threading that extends beyond Threaded Pivots.

Close the Andros Stem.


Using a 5 mm Hex Key, tighten the Adjustment Bolts with a 1/4 turn.


Open and close Levers to test for tightness. If the Handlebar moves, repeat the tightening process.

Test that the Andros Stem is secure by checking for movement. First, try to rotate the Handlebar. Then, try to press down and pull up on the Andros Stem. If there is any movement, re-tighten the Adjustment Bolts or ask your dealer for help.



For a video version of the above instructions, click here.

If you need help adjusting your Andros Stem, don’t hesitate to ask your Tern dealer. That’s what they’re there for.

These torque values only apply to new Andros Stem. If you have an earlier version of the Andros Stem, please disregard this article.