Doghouse Mini FAQ

Doghouse Mini FAQ

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Q. What is the Doghouse Mini?

A. The Doghouse Mini is a dog carrier made up of 3 different accessories that come together to form a nice protected shelter for a small or mid-sized dog. The 3 accessories are:

And here's what the Doghouse Mini looks like:


Q. Is the Doghouse Mini a kit? I have not seen it for sale at my local bike shop.

A. The Doghouse Mini is not a kit. It's a combination of different accessories (all sold separately) that are designed to work together.


Q. Does the Doghouse Mini accommodate more than one dog inside?

A. No. The Doghouse Mini is designed to accommodate only one dog. The base of the Doghouse includes a pair of safety tethers that can be attached to the dog's harness. However, both tethers need to be used to prevent the dog from jumping out of the Doghouse.

Q. What's the max recommended size for the dog?

A. The Doghouse Mini fits a small or mid-sized dog of up to 13.5 kg (30 lb). This is our estimate for the size of dog that can sit or lie down inside, comfortably. If your dog is at the weight limit, you might want to test in person to see if they are comfortable inside.

Q. How do I secure my dog during the ride?

A. The Doghouse Mini creates an enclosed space for your dog, and we've included 2 built-in safety tethers inside, which can be attached to the dog's harness.

Q. Is this also good for transporting other pets besides dogs?

A. The Doghouse Mini was designed for trained small/mid-sized dogs. If you have a different pet or aren't sure your dog would be comfortable in the Doghouse Mini, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian for guidance.

Q. Can I use the Doghouse Mini without the Dog Roof Mini?

A. Yes. The two safety tethers to secure your dog during the ride are located on the base of the Soft Crate Mini, so you can choose to ride without the Dog Roof Mini if you feel your dog doesn't need an enclosed carrier.


Q. Is there enough ventilation?

A. Absolutely. Both the Soft Crate Mini and the Dog Roof Mini have large mesh panels, and the roof can be opened to allow the dog to poke their head out for some fresh air.

Q. Is it washable?

A. Yes. The Dog Roof Mini and the Soft Crate Mini are designed for easy spray cleaning. Use some soapy water and a hose to spray clean.

Q. Is there space to carry the dog's stuff?

A. Yes. The Soft Crate Mini has an outer zipped pocket to carry snacks, waste bags, etc. In addition, the Clubhouse Mini has water bottle mounts so you can easily carry your dog's water bottle (and yours too).

Q. Is there any sun protection?

A. Yes. The windows of the Dog Roof Mini can be zipped closed to avoid direct sunlight on your dog.

Q. Does the Doghouse Mini have a solid base for my dog to step/sit on?

A. Yes. The Soft Crate Mini comes with a sturdy 40 x 40 cm base plate.

Q. Can I add lights to the Doghouse Mini?

A. Yes. It's possible to add safety lights to the Clubhouse Mini rails.

Q. Can I still vertically store my HSD with the full or even partial Doghouse Mini installed?

A. The Doghouse Mini doesn't interfere with vertical parking. However, you do need a little extra care when choosing where and how to park your bike. The Dog Roof Mini may come in contact with the ground, so being extra careful may prevent scratches and damage.


Q. How do I build the Doghouse Mini?

A. Follow these steps:

  1. Install the Clubhouse Mini
  2. Add the Soft Crate Mini
  3. Add the Dog Roof Mini

Q. How long does it take to install?

A. The Clubhouse Mini is a semi-permanent accessory and may take a few minutes to install or remove. The Soft Crate Mini and the Dog Roof Mini take less than 2 minutes to install.


Q. Can I use the Doghouse Mini to carry cargo instead of a dog?

A. Absolutely. The Doghouse Mini can be used to carry groceries or other cargo if you are not carrying your dog. And if you remove the Dog Roof Mini, you can use the bungee cargo net that comes with the Soft Crate Mini to secure your stuff.

Q. What if I need to carry more stuff besides my dog?

A. We highly recommend getting a pair of Cargo Hold 37 Panniers, as the Doghouse Mini doesn't interfere with pannier use. Alternatively, the WeatherTop Bag is a great option if you already have the Transporteur Rack or the Hauler Rack.


Q. Can I build the Doghouse Mini on the GSD?

A. Yes. The Doghouse Mini accessories are compatible with the GSD Gen 1 and Gen 2.

Q. Can I build the Doghouse Mini using the Captain's Chair and Sidekick Joyride Bars instead of the Clubhouse Mini?

A. No. The Dog Roof Mini and the Soft Crate Mini require the Clubhouse Mini for installation.

Q. Can I build the Doghouse Mini on the front rack?

A. No. The Doghouse Mini requires the Clubhouse Mini, which can only be installed on the rear rack of the HSD and the GSD. However, there are many 300 × 400 mm pet carriers out there that might fit the Transporteur Rack. If adding a pet carrier to your Transporteur Rack, please remember to strap the carrier tightly to the rack, and to follow safety guidelines.

Q. Can I use the Soft Crate with other accessories?

A. Yes. If you live in a rainy area, you could use the Storm Shield Mini in conjunction with the Soft Crate Mini. However, please note that our recommended setup to carry a dog is still the Doghouse Mini (Clubhouse Mini, Soft Crate Mini, and Dog Roof Mini).

Q. Cool product, but I already have a Clubhouse/Clubhouse+. Are you making a bigger version of the Soft Crate and the Dog Roof for the GSD?

A. We can't disclose future plans, but we're always listening to consumer feedback—send us an email and don't forget to include a picture of your dog.

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