Let’s Make More with What We Have

EKOCYCLE™ first began to take shape when global music artist and entrepreneur, will.i.am was inspired to turn waste left behind at a Black Eye Peas gig into recycled sought-after objects. He later joined efforts with The Coca-Cola Company to start a mass-scale initiative to encourage recycling — first by building awareness, and second by inspiring brands to create more lifestyle products in part from recycled materials.

Tern Joins the EKOCYCLE Movement

To support the EKOCYCLE mission to help reduce waste and promote recycling, we contributed two limited-edition, high-performance bikes to their collection of products made in part from recycled materials.

Verge X20 for EKOCYCLE
Verge P9 for EKOCYCLE

Waste Not

One of the EKOCYCLE mantras is to “waste not”. That really resonates with us at Tern. We’re on a constant mission to reduce waste in the way we manufacture our products and run our business.

“Waste is only waste if you waste it.” – will.i.am

Our bikes contain a minimum 10% recycled aluminum in the frame, fork, main hinge, stem and handlepost. But, that’s just the start. We actively seek out environmentally-friendly options over less friendly ones.

We avoid harmful chemicals in production. For example, we steer clear of the toxic chemical embraced by most of the bike industry to reduce rust build-up on bike chains, favoring an earth-friendly rust-resistant coating.

We carefully choose partners that act responsibly. We’re proud to work with a rim factory that’s solar powered and virtually grid neutral and a tire manufacturer who upcycles used tires into playground mats. And we’re always looking to do more.

Beyond manufacturing, we’re constantly thinking about reducing waste as we make business decisions. We take the “less is more” approach when it comes to packaging and use recyclable materials whenever we can. Our tradeshow booths around the world are made from salvaged shipping containers that we’ve reused since our very first show.

One time, when our handlepost levers weren’t made to spec, we MacGyvered them into nifty bottle openers instead of throwing them away.

Buy What You Love,

Love What You Buy

We build our bikes to be serviceable, not land-fillable. When you buy a Tern, you get a bike that you can ride day-in and day-out, and not just toss into the landfill after a few years. We’re consumers too, and we subscribe to the belief that higher-quality, longer-lasting products pay off in the end – for us as individuals and as residents of this planet.

The earth’s supply of valuable resources has a finite limit and it’s time to put an end to the current unsustainable cycle of consume-discard-consume.

An Eye Toward the Future

At Tern, we’re working to build a sustainable future based on a core belief that the bicycle — the ultimate, high-efficiency vehicle — is central to that vision. Every action we take can be traced to this single, simple foundation.

We design bikes that bring together all the things people need to drive less and ride more. At home, we enable our own employees to bike to work with free bicycles, showers, and changing rooms. Further afield, we partner with municipal governments and transit authorities to make it easier to carry bikes on public transportation. And we actively participate in cycling associations to support people who want to use bicycles as a healthier, greener form of transportation.

Want More?

To see the EKOCYCLE™ Shop in Shop at Harrods, click here.

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