BioLogic AnchorStrap™

BioLogic AnchorStrap™

Built For GoPro®

The AnchorStrap plants your GoPro® or camera on your handlebars with 360° of locked-down pan and tilt adjustments, so you can catch the action or capture the perfect reaction-reel. Mount it in only ten seconds—tool-free, so you can focus on riding the world, not fiddling with devices.

  • Securely fastens GoPro® cameras to any handlebar or rail from 16-44 mm diameter
  • Designed for quick 360° pan and tilt adjustments
  • Low profile for reduced flex and movement, giving you more stable images
  • Coarse and fine tool-free adjustment for a quick and snug fit
  • Stainless-steel spring lock prevents loosening from vibration
  • Fits action cameras and any sub 330 g compact camera
  • Uses universal tripod screw for compatibility with all standard cameras
  • Fits BioLogic AnchorPoint-compatible phone cases
  • 23% of materials are made from recycled post-consumer material

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With short strap: 64 × 73 × 32 mm (2.5” x 2.9” x 1/3”)


With short strap: 48 g (0.1 lb)
With long strap: 52 g (0.1 lb)

Load Capacity
330 g (0.7 lb)
Volume Capacity
Compatible Bikes


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