2014 Link/OCL Limited Voluntary Recall - FAQs

Why is this recall happening?

There have been a small number of incidents of frame failure. After looking at the broken frames, we decided it would be best to recall specific batches of the frames produced by the factory with the problem.

What bikes are included?

The recall covers specific production batches of first generation Link OCL frames. The recalled models include certain Link Uno, Link D8, Link D7i, Link P7i, Link P9, Link P24h and Link D24 bikes. The bikes were made in 2011 and early 2012 and mostly shipped in those same years.

How can I tell if my bike is included?

If you have one of the above models, check your Frame Number – the unique ten-digit alphanumeric number stamped underneath the bottom bracket. If your Frame Number begins with “AI”, your bike MAY be part of the recall.

If you have one of the above models and your Serial Number begins with AI, you should stop riding your bike until you have checked if your bike is part of the recall.

To find out if your bike is part of the recall, please take your bike to your Tern dealer or visit our Limited Voluntary Recall page.

Do I really need to stop riding my bike?

Yes. If your bike is part of the recall, you need to stop riding until the problem is fixed.

Is there a way to inspect my bike to see if there are problems?

No. However, as part of regular maintenance, we recommend you periodically check the weld lines on the frame hinge and handlepost for cracks or signs of metal fatigue. If you ride your bike heavily, for example over 25 km per day, in all kinds of weather and over rough roads, you should inspect your bike every 2 weeks. If you suspect metal fatigue, even if there are no cracks evident, or if you have any questions, please bring your bike to an authorized Tern dealer for checking.

My bike is affected, when will I receive the replacement frame?

We are already producing replacement frames and are working to get these out to our distributors as soon as we can. We apologize for the wait.

What about your other bikes?

This recall is limited to a specific frame-hinge combination produced at a single factory during a defined period of time. We no longer make bike frames at that factory.

When we found this problem, we checked other bike models made at the same factory and did not find problems. We are confident that our other bike models are OK.

What are you doing to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

We have upped the amount of testing we do, especially testing of random frames taken from production lines. We pull the frame out of production and test them to make sure they meet EN standards for strength and durability. We are making bikes that are as safe as we can make them.

I’m a second hand owner, am I still entitled to the free replacement frame?

Yes, you are, however, there might be a handling charge or labor fee.

I purchased my bike from another country, how do I apply for the free frame replacement?

You should contact the original dealer from whom you purchased the bike. That dealer will provide a free replacement. If you have moved or are otherwise too far removed from your original dealer, you can contact your local Tern dealer but they may charge a handling/labor fee for the replacement.