Built to Last

We design our bikes so that you can ride them bike day-in and day-out, and not just toss into the landfill after a few years. We’re consumers too, and we subscribe to the belief that higher-quality, longer-lasting products pay off in the end—for us as individuals and as residents of this planet. When you make products the right way, with heart and attention to detail, they last. There are too many products in the world today that aren’t built to last. We don’t want to add any more.

Manufacturing Done Right

Creating a bicycle requires a lot of materials and processing, so we actively seek out environmentally-friendly options over less friendly ones. And we’re always looking to do more.

Recycled materials

Our bikes contain a minimum 10% recycled aluminum in the frame, fork, main hinge, stem and handlepost.

Choosing the right partners

We carefully choose partners that act responsibly. We’re proud to work with a rim factory that’s solar powered and virtually grid neutral and a tire manufacturer who upcycles used tires into playground mats.

Sweating the small stuff

We avoid harmful chemicals in production. For example, we steer clear of the toxic chemical embraced by most of the bike industry to reduce rust build-up on bike chains, favoring an earth-friendly, rust-resistant coating.

Waste Not

Beyond manufacturing, we’re constantly thinking about reducing waste as we make business decisions.

Our tradeshow booths around the world are made from salvaged shipping containers, which we’ve reused since our very first show.

One time, when our handlepost levers weren’t made to spec, we MacGyvered them into nifty bottle openers instead of throwing them away.

Less is More

We take the “less is more” approach when it comes to packaging and use recyclable materials whenever we can. To reduce the impact of transporting our bikes, we reduced the size of our cartons, allowing us to include as many as a hundred more bikes in each shipping container.

Giving Back

We are committed to giving at least 1% of our net profits each year to environmental or social causes. We all want to live in a world with clean water, clean air, and safe food. We want to support the individuals and groups that are working to protect and heal our planet. Some of the organizations we support:

Beyond financial support, we like to celebrate our birthday each year by getting out of the office and pitching in:

Beach Cleaning

Sorting Recycling

Painting + Cleaning Community Centers

Beach Cleaning

These are all small steps and small decisions, but collectively, they add up. We believe when sustainability and recyclability enter our decision-making process it has a positive impact on our suppliers, partners, and staff. It’s important that we make our products using the same ideals and practices we’re championing, and we hope that by doing so, no matter how insignificant the steps may seem, we’re leaving things a little better in the end.