How to Use Trailers with the HSD

How to Use Trailers with the HSD

We know many HSD riders may want to use a bike trailer to carry kids or pets. The purpose of this article is to cover trailer compatibility with the HSD.

1. Weber

Every HSD has a dedicated trailer hitch mount built right into the frame. It's located on the Atlas H Dropouts, near the rear hub. This trailer hitch mount's location on the bike is farther forward than the rear axle, which makes it optimally stable.

It's specially designed to be used with the Weber EH coupling.

2. Rear Axle Mount Alternatives

We've partnered with EFBE Prüftechnik, one of Europe's leading bicycle test laboratories, to test the HSD according to EN15918, a European standard for bicycle trailer safety. In short, the HSD has exceeded the test requirements for a trailer of up to 53 kg attached to the rear axle.

(For reference, 53 kg is what you'd be carrying if you had two 18-kg kids in a 17-kg trailer.)

Here are two additional HSD-compatible setups:

2.1. Thule

HSD S+: Thule Internal Hub Hitch Adapter (SRAM) + Thule Axle Mount ezHitch™ Cup

HSD S8i: Thule Internal Hub Hitch Adapter (Shimano) + Thule Axle Mount ezHitch™ Cup

HSD P9 & P9 Performance: Thule Axle Mount ezHitch™ Cup with Quick Release Skewer + Thule 3D Dropout Adapter - 10mm Spacer

2.2. Burley

HSD S+: Burley Hitch Adapter (M10 x 1.0) + Burley Steel Hitch

HSD S8i: Burley Hitch Adapter (3/8 x 26) + Burley Steel Hitch

HSD P9 & P9 Performance: Burley Steel Hitch + Burley Hitch Adapter (Quick Release Skewer)

3. Always Pay Attention to Safety Guidelines

No matter what trailer or hitch system you choose, it's always best to test it yourself before using it to carry children, pets, or cargo. Pay particular attention to the trailer's arm angle; make sure it won't hit the HSD when maneuvering the bike.

One important reminder: To safely carry your loved ones, finding a compatible trailer is only the first step. Always follow the safety guidelines of the trailer manufacturer. Exceeding the trailer's weight limit or using it in ways it wasn't designed to be used may pose a serious risk, and should be avoided.

4. FAQ

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about using trailers with the HSD:

Q: How do I install a Weber EH hitch onto the HSD's dedicated trailer hitch mount?

A: Please refer to the installation instructions that came with your trailer or hitch. Or visit the shop where you bought your bike or your trailer for help.

Q: Can I install a non-Weber hitch on the HSD's dedicated hitch mount?

A: Possibly. There may be other trailer brands out there whose hitches will fit on the HSD's dedicated hitch mount. But we haven't identified or tested any ourselves yet, so we can't make any specific recommendations.

Q: Can I use a trailer that hasn't been listed above?

A: Possibly. There may be other trailer brands out there that are compatible with the HSD. For compatibility information, please check with the trailer manufacturer. Always refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual and follow their safety guidelines.


Happy trailing!