5 Reasons to Bike to Work

5 Reasons to Bike to Work

Traffic jams, rising gas prices, hefty car payments, road rage, expanding waistlines. There are so many reasons to consider biking to work. Here are our top five…

Bike lanes and multi-use paths allow you to bypass the hassles of rush-hour traffic. Commuting by bike can even save you time; surprisingly, it often takes less time to ride your bike when you account for traffic jams, delays in public transportation, and time spent circling the block searching for parking.

Kill two bird with one stone by combining exercise and your commute. According to the International Bicycle Fund, a new full-time bike commuter can expect to lose an average 6 kg (13 lb) in the first year of bike commuting. And it’s no wonder. Biking is one of the best forms of exercise if you want to burn calories. What’s more, it improves cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy, and builds muscle—all while being gentle on your joints.

President John F. Kennedy once said, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride”. And it’s so true. Biking commuting adds a dash of exhilaration to the daily grind, and numerous studies have shown that daily exercise alleviates stress, reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and boost your overall mood. So, why choose traffic, toll booths, and parking lots over fresh air and the wind in your hair?

Research has proven that moderate, daily exercise can prevent cognitive decline, sharpen memory and learning, and improve overall brain performance. So even if biking to work doesn’t turn you into an overnight rocket scientist, it will help you see things more clearly and make better decisions.

Cars are a major cash drain. According to Bicycle Universe, a typical American who goes car-free for 35 years can save nearly a million U.S. dollars, even taking into account inflation and paying frequently for taxi, bus, and car-share trips. Buying a bike is a bargain compared to buying a car. And it cost just over US$300 per year to maintain a bike––nearly 30 times less than cars, according to the Sierra Club. Even if you don’t give up your car completely, you’ll save big time on fuel, maintenance, and parking. On average, the Americans household spends over US$1,900 / year on gas and motor oil. And if you’re biking to work regularly, you can even give up your gym membership.

Getting Started
Not sure you’re up to the task? We recommend walking before your run. Try biking to work once next week to see what you think. Then slowly build from there. Pretty soon, bike commuting will become a habit you won’t want to give up. For more, read Biking to Work: No More Excuses and our Bike Commuting Tips.