OCL+™ Frame Joint

Robust folding technology

A heavy-duty update to our iconic OCL frame hinge, the OCL+ is built to exceed ISO 4210 and EN 15194 testing requirements. Leveraging the hinge design of the long-tail Tern Cargo Node, the OCL+ features a single-shaft design, advanced welding techniques, and robust gussets, so it stays stiff and strong during even the fastest commutes.

Stronger by Design

Making the hinge taller and moving the pivoting surfaces outward from the center axis more than doubles overall strength and stiffness. It’s a difference you’ll feel from your very first ride.

Smooth Operation

The patented design puts four igus® bearings between the aluminum and stainless steel moving parts so the folding action is always smooth and friction-free.

Interlocking Joint

The front and rear joint surfaces lock together to eliminate torsional movement.

Easy to Use

Large rounded surfaces on the lever and joint bodies are easy on your hands and allow good leverage for easy operation.

Doubly Safe

Close the lever and the AutoLok™ automatically locks in place for extra, easy security.

Floating Point Technology

Patented technology allows the lever to fold flat and brace against the joint for protection in transit.


Good things are built to last and that’s why the OCL+ Joint is designed to be dealer serviceable. We keep every part in stock and if your bearings ever wear out, your dealer can replace them in a few minutes.


A machining tolerance of only 50 microns ensures a tight fit and eliminates looseness and rattling.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Cold-worked stainless delivers the durability and reliability needed for daily riding in all weather conditions.

Công nghệ DoubleTruss™

Thiết kế cứng chắc hơn

Phần khung xe sau của Tern với kết cấu 3D với công nghệ DoubleTruss được cấp bằng sáng chế để gia tăng độ cứng chắc. Công nghệ này biến phần sau của khung thành một giàn ba chiều kháng lực xoắn tốt hơn. Lượng cân bằng đó làm tăng độ cứng cáp và truyền lực từ bàn đạp đến bánh sau tốt hơn.

Quadric™ Dropouts


Dropouts are often overlooked, but a good dropout goes a long way. Our Quadric dropout is built taller, so your disc brakes are protected inside the frame. The design makes the eyelets for mudguards, racks, and our clip system more user-friendly and accessible than ever before. We even included a mount for a sturdy rear kickstand.

Tarsus™ Fork

Hydroform meets function

Utilizing a single hydroformed tube mated to a precision-machined steerer, the Tarsus delivers superior strength in a shape that matches the sophisticated lines of the Verge and Eclipse frames.

Hydroformed Tubing

The process of hydroforming aligns the grain structure and strengthens the aluminum material. It also minimizes welding in the most highly stressed area of the fork.

Internal Wire Routing

If you decide to equip your Tarsus with a dynamo hub, it’s ready for internal cable routing, keeping the profile of your bike clean.

Cốt tay lái Physis™ 3D

Chuẩn mực mới

Tích hợp 5 công nghệ được cấp bằng sáng chế và sản xuất độc quyền giúp cốt tay lái trở nên cứng cáp và chắc chắn. Công nghệ Physis là quá trình sản xuất sử dụng kỹ thuật rèn 3D giúp định hình cốt tay lái thành một khối nhôm hoàn chỉnh mà không tạo ra bất kỳ mối hàn nào.

Loại bỏ sự uốn cong

Để loại bỏ sự uốn cong, cốt tay lái Physis được thiết kế với một khớp nối lớn và phần đế từ dày đến mỏng dần. Ống đầu phuộc là cứng hơn 150% so với thông thường.

Công nghệ Flux

Điều cốt lõi để tạo nên cốt tay lái Physis là sự gia công và nó có vai trò như bộ cổ cho phần tay lái. Công nghệ tích hợp trực tiếp được cấp bằng sáng chế về thiết kế giúp gia tăng độ cứng đáng kinh ngạc.

Hai nửa lồng phép

Các bề mặt khớp khóa lại với nhau để tăng cường độ cứng xoắn.

Ốc khóa kép

Khóa kẹp với 2 con ốc kép tại phần cốt tay lái Physis gia tăng sự an toàn.

Bạc đạn igus®

Thiết kế được đăng lý bản quyền bằng cách đặt bạc đạn trượt giữa các phần chuyển động nên động tác gấp xe luôn trơn tru và chống ma sát.

Tay khóa lớn

Khóa khớp xe có bề mặt tròn lớn dễ thao tác bằng tay và tạo ra đòn bẩy mạnh giúp thực hiện một cách dễ dàng.

Công nghệ AutoLok

Khóa khớp xe khi được đóng lại thì hệ thống AutoLok sẽ tự động khóa đúng vị trí giúp tăng độ an toàn.

Công nghệ Floating Point

Công nghệ được cấp bằng sáng chế cho phép khóa khớp xe có thể gấp phẳng, tăng sự vững chắc để bảo vệ khớp gấp trong lúc vận chuyển.

Thay thế dễ dàng

Những thứ tốt được chế tạo để bền chắc và đó là những gì bạn có thể nhận thấy ở khớp OCL. Chúng tôi có các bộ phận trong kho và thay thế vòng bi chỉ trong vài phút.

Thiết kế TriSeal

Những lớp bảo vệ bằng 3 tấm cao su giúp bạc đạn của bộ cổ hoạt động một cách trơn tru trong mọi điều kiện thời tiết.

Gia công chính xác

Một dung sai gia công chỉ 50 micron đảm bảo khớp được gắn chặt và không bị lỏng hay kêu cót két.

Ốc bằng thép không gỉ

Các phần trục, bu lông con tán được chế tạo bằng thép không gỉ gia công nguội giúp tăng độ bền và sự ổn định trong mọi điều kiện thời tiết.

Kết cấu hình học N-Fold

Cốt tay lái Physis được trang bị tính năng độc nhất với kết cấu hình học được cấp bằng sáng chế cùng khớp nối gấp trước tăng sự an toàn cho người sử dụng.

Andros™ Stem

Adjust to fit

The Andros is our patented adjustable stem that lets you set your handlebars where you want—no tools, no fuss. In just seconds, you can set your riding position to long and low in a tough headwind, or upright and comfy for riding around town. You decide how you want to ride and the Andros makes your bike fit.

Quick Release

Patented quick-release, tool-free design is easy to operate.

TwinStem Design

The Andros design uses two stems, spaced widely apart for excellent torsional stiffness.

Fits the Family

Accommodates riders of all sizes so one bike can be shared by multiple riders.

Forged Construction

The patented design is FEA optimized and fully forged for maximum strength with minimum weight.

Built to Last

Stainless hardware and brass bushings for long-term durability.

Porter+™ Saddle


We reengineered the underside of the age-old bike saddle into a comfortable grip and shoulder pad. Up top, the dual-density construction and gel cushioning will keep you comfortable on the road, and the impeccably finished vacuum construction makes the saddle waterproof and easy-to-clean. Down below, the GripPad™ on the underside of the saddle lets you grip the saddle nose with comfortable confidence when your rolling your folded bike.

Telescopic Seatpost™


This seatpost is perfect for tall riders or anyone who likes a compact fold. It extends 90 mm longer than our stock seatpost, but thanks to its unique design, it’s 120 mm shorter when retracted. It features a dual-bolt head design for precise saddle adjustment, and an inner post diameter of 27.2 mm, so you can customize it with other posts.

Magura MT4 Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Hydraulic disc brakes give you excellent stopping power, working effortlessly even in rain, snow, or mud. All it takes is the gentle pull of just two fingers. With mineral oil-based brake fluid that is gentler on the environment than most hydraulic brake fluids, and Magura's Easy Bleed Technology, your Vektron is ready for a safer ride.

Schwalbe Big Apple Tires

Cush for your tush

Big Apples are special because they’re fast rolling AND super comfy. Sounds hard to believe but you’ll just have to take them for a ride to become a believer.

Faster Rolling

Wide tires roll better than skinny tires at the same tire pressure. Yes, it’s true! Big Apples are extra special because they use a light and flexible tread and sidewall for extra low rolling resistance.

Wide for Comfort

Super-wide Big Apple tires are like 2" of super-efficient suspension. They roll smoothly over drainage grates, train tracks and potholes with little complaint.

Puncture Protection

Big Apples feature a Kevlar belt to protect from punctures.

Reflex for Safety

Each Big Apple tire features a reflective stripe so you are immediately, and obviously, visible to cars approaching from the side.

Shimano Deore Shadow+ Derailleur


Originally developed for mountain bikes—for extra durability and to avoid catching on trail debris—the Shadow+ derailleur is streamlined and incredibly resilient, which comes in handy when you need to transport your folded bike. Whether your bike is bagged on the subway or riding in the trunk of your car, everything is neatly tucked away. And with a clutch to adjust the chain tension, you can now ride on bumpy city roads without worrying about chain drops.

Bosch Performance Drive Unit

Power Trip

Electric bikes make it easy to ride from A to B. Where it gets interesting? When you’re inspired to visit the rest of the alphabet. The Bosch Performance Drive Unit offers a fine-tuned balance between torque and range. It takes the burden out of hauling kids and groceries. With up to 100 km of range with a standard 400 Wh battery, it’s the market leader in ebike technology.

Bosch PowerPack Battery

Feather-light powerhouse

This impressive high-energy, high-power cell clips on and off your bike. The best-in-class design charges fast—from zero—in only 2.5 to 3.5 hours, and lets you ride longer and further between charges. You’ll be impressed by its long lifespan, light weight, and ease of charging. PowerPacks are available in 300/400/500 Wh variants, so you can forget about range anxiety.

Light Weight

At just 5.5 lb, the weight is practically negligible during riding. The PowerPack is an ingenious balance of performance, size, and weight. 

More Mileage

Ride nice and long between charges thanks to best-in-class energy density.

Fast Charging

High-power density allows the PowerPack to charge to 50% in just 1.5 hours and fully in just 2.5 – 3.5 hours* (*Requires optional 4A Bosch Standard Charger).

Long Lifespan

PowerPacks are designed for many tours, miles, and years of service. The integrated Battery Management System protects the battery from overcharging, undervoltage, overheating, and short circuiting.


The ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to insert and remove the PowerPack for charging. Charge it easily on or off the bike.

Bosch Purion Control Panel


The on-board computer lets you switch between five different riding modes, and feeds you handy information like speed, battery level, and distance. It optimizes shifting actions and constantly updates you on the remaining range, just like a typical German car. Best of all, it’s now more compact and robust than ever.

Ổ Luggage Socket™

Chở được nhiều hơn

Cải tiến từ Tern Luggage Truss thành ổ Luggage Socket giúp bạn dễ dàng lựa chọn cho baga trước như giá, giỏ hay túi và tương thích cả với KlickFix

720° Visibility

See and be seen

You need to be safe when you’re out on the road. That’s why we’ve designed our hard-core commuter bikes with 720° Visibility: 360° of active lighting and 360° of reflectivity.

360° Active Lighting

Specially designed lights allow you to be seen from all angles when it’s dark out. Accidents often occur at 90° angles at an intersection so active side lighting is especially important.

360° Reflectivity

Bright car headlights can overwhelm the active lights on a bike and this is why reflectivity is important: the brighter a car’s headlights, the brighter the reflective patches shining back at the driver. Bikes with 360° Reflectivity are visible from every angle to oncoming cars.

Atlas V Rack™


With structural cues from the heavy-duty Tern GSD, the new Atlas V Rack™ has been massively strengthened and increased in size, with a load capacity of 27 kg (59 lb). This reduces flex for more secure handling when the bike is loaded. Riding with your little one? Add a Thule Yepp Maxi or Dash® RM child seat—no adapters needed. The Atlas V Rack™ is also KLICKfix-compatible, and can hold panniers of different sizes—including the Bucketload Pannier, which was designed to fit every configuration of the Vektron.