Tern NBD Accessory Guide

Tern NBD Accessory Guide

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This article mentions third-party child seats that are not manufactured by Tern. Please note that child seat designs might change, and that their manufacturers may choose to maintain the same product name even after the design has changed.

For your safety, always consult with your bike dealer, or with the child seat manufacturer or reseller, to make sure you have the right seats to safely carry your kid(s).

The NBD is all about smiles and comfort. And we're hoping once you start riding, you won't want to stop. But before you can begin zipping around doing grocery runs, or setting off on an adventure with the little one, you'll need to make sure you outfit the bike with the right accessories.

This article will introduce you to the various accessories available for your NBD, and provide some riding and safety tips when carrying a passenger or cargo.


Front Racks

Transporteur Rack

The Transporteur Rack is a modular front cargo carrier that fits a 300 x 400 mm Eurocrate, a standard crate of 20 beers, or a recycled wooden box.

Combo Mount

20 kg

430 × 420 × 267 mm

Hauler Rack

The Hauler Rack is an open-ended rack that is big enough to carry bulky cargo but small enough to let you easily maneuver the bike.

Combo Mount

20 kg

320 × 315 × 215 mm

Luggage Truss CMT

The Luggage Truss CMT allows you to conveniently mount KLICKfix® compatible bags, baskets, and racks on the front of the bike frame

Combo Mount

7 kg

165 × 100 × 85 mm

Kanga Rack

The Kanga Rack is a detachable carrier with straps for your backpack, laptop bag, or just about any other soft bag you'd like to take along.

Luggage Truss CMT

7 kg

328 × 207 × 161 mm

Bags & Panniers

Go-To Bag

The Go-To Bag is a large messenger bag that provides plenty of room for daily essentials such as a laptop, cables, raincoat, extra clothes, and more.

Require Luggage Truss CMT

7 kg

15 L

410 × 145 × 265 mm


The useful HQ Bag is a slim office bag with an adjustable shoulder strap that can fit a 13” laptop AND a tablet in its padded compartments, and more in its side pockets.

Require Luggage Truss CMT

6 kg

10 L

340 × 280 × 95 mm

Hold ’Em Basket

The Hold ’Em Basket is a stout front basket with a cinch cover. The basket attaches and detaches in seconds, making it the perfect urban shopping companion.

Require Luggage Truss CMT

6 kg

12 L

340 × 230 × 245 mm

WeatherTop Bag

The WeatherTop Bag is a rugged and waterproof 45L carryall made to go from rack to shoulder in seconds. Fits perfectly on the Hauler and Transporteur Racks

15 kg

45 L

400 × 300 × 350 mm


Empty your pockets and roll in comfort. The RidePocket is a compact handlepost bag designed to hold anything from a wallet, cellphone, to keys.

0.9 kg

1 L

100 × 65 × 180 mm


The RidePouch stores ride necessities such as a chain lock or water bottle. It attaches to bottle cage mounts on a Tern accessory and doesn’t take up space on the handlebar or handlepost.

1.2 kg

1 L

105 × 85 × 180 mm

Dry Goods Bag

The Dry Goods Bag is built for comfortable, all-weather commuting. It’s 100% waterproof, and clips easily onto the NBD’s Gaia Rack.

10 kg

11.2 L

200 × 340 × 300 mm

Market Basket

The classy Market Basket easily converts from hand-basket to bike-basket, making it ideal for weekend grocery trips or for the picnic afterward.

10 kg

23 L

455 × 345 × 270 mm

Kontti Basket

The Tern Kontti Basket is a lightweight, spacious, bike basket that clips onto the Gaia Rack quickly and easily using Ortlieb® pannier mounts.

9 kg

18 L

380 × 265 × 270 mm

Bucketload Pannier

The Bucketload Pannier is spacious enough to store a backpack, diaper bag, or shopping bag, yet can still fold flat and out of the way when not in use.

9 kg

24 L

320 × 200 × 340 mm

Cargo Hold 28 Pannier

A rolltop and waterproof-lined pannier with a weather-resistant exterior for your daily haul. Opens with a Fidlock© magnetic buckle for zero-fuss access. Compatible with a child seat when you take your kid with you on a quick errand.

9 kg

28 L

330 × 200 × 310 mm

Passenger-carrying accessories

There's nothing like sharing a smile. The NBD's specially designed Gaia Rack is built strong with a carrying capacity of 27 kg (60 lb), and pairs well with many child seats so you and your little one can enjoy rides together.

  • Seating: 1 compatible child seat
  • Double kickstand (optional): DuoStand S*

*An optional double kickstand is strongly recommended for extra stability when loading and unloading a child.


Child seats should always include the required elements for safe passenger carrying: seating, safety harness, foot support, and foot and leg protection. At present, we recommend any of the rear rack-mounted child seats listed below:

We’ve tested each child seat model to make sure it’s a good fit. And as long as the weight of Junior plus the seat doesn’t exceed the Gaia Rack’s carrying capacity, you'll be set to begin exploring together.

And don’t forget—even with the rear rack space occupied by a child seat, you still have the option of placing you and your child’s belongings at the front of the NBD with the right accessories installed.

For more information involving carrying a small passenger on the NBD, check out this article.

Other Useful Accessories

DuoStand S

The DuoStand S is a sturdy, dual-leg kickstand that provides extra stability when loading and unloading your NBD. Highly recommended for carrying a passenger and daily shopping.

45 kg

250 × 55 × 330 mm

FlatFold Bag, S

Traveling or storing your NBD? The FlatFold Bag, S helps keep the NBD protected from bumps and bruises when it's placed in an SUV, camper, or narrow storage space.

1,570 × 200 × 730 mm

Note: The square icon refers to the outer dimensions of the accessory.

Tips for Carrying Passengers and Cargo

  • Check local regulations to make sure carrying passengers on a bike is legal in your area.
  • Helmets are cool, and they save lives! Both rider and passenger should always wear an approved helmet when riding.
  • Do not leave children unattended on the bike, even if it is on the kickstand.
  • Passengers and cargo add weight to the bike. Practice riding with extra load in a safe area before hitting the road.
  • Make sure the total weight of passenger + rider + NBD + any installed accessory + cargo is under 140 kg (309 lb).

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