Cargo Lid Lock


The Cargo Lid Lock is an extra-long vinyl-coated cable with a combination lock. It’s designed for use with the Cargo Lid that comes with the Storm Box, and can also be used to secure the Cargo Lid Mini to the Storm Box Mini. The Cargo Lid Lock makes the Storm Box with Cargo Lid less attractive to petty thieves, so you can make a quick stop somewhere without worrying so much about your stuff.

  • Combination lock helps secure your stuff, making it less attractive to petty thieves 
  • Provides extra peace of mind when briefly leaving cargo unattended
  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry
  • Vinyl coating for scratch prevention
  • Designed to secure the Cargo Lid to the Storm Box, but is also compatible with the “mini” version of the Cargo Lid and Storm Box
Cargo Lid Lock: Extra-Long Bike Cable Lock

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
2 540 × 35,3 × 20,9 mm (100 × 1,4 × 0,8 i)
Zinc alloy
Weight (per set)
0,2 kg (0,4 lb)