DuoStand Ends

The DuoStand Ends let you upgrade your DuoStand Gen 1 to make it even more useful. The Ends feature grippy rubber caps that widen the DuoStand's base of support and add friction, both of which boost stability. They're also height-adjustable, so you can switch out your tires but keep your stand (for example, when installing winter tires). 

If your DuoStand already came with a pair of DuoStand Ends, they're available as replacement parts when yours are lost or worn.

  • Use the DuoStand Ends to upgrade your DuoStand Gen 1. See your dealer for installation help. See this article for more information.
  • Rubber-capped feet boost stability and prevent floor scratches when parking indoors
  • Make the DuoStand height-adjustable to fit winter tires for year-round use
  • Replaceable when lost or worn
  • Compatible with all versions of DuoStand
  • For the heaviest loads, add the Lockstand Extensions for maximum stability

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