Kanga Rack

Front-mounted rack

The Kanga Rack is designed for your stuff—backpack, laptop bag, or bag of groceries. An ingenious KlickFix® strap system adjusts to bags or packages of all shapes and sizes and cinches them tight. Unlike handlebar- or fork-mounted systems, the Kanga connects directly to the frame so heavy loads can be carried without affecting steering. When it’s not needed, push a button and the Kanga detaches.

  • Strap system adjusts to packages of all shapes and sizes
  • Easy on, easy off mounting system
  • Mounts on the frame for extra stability when carrying cargo
  • Compatible with KLICKfix® handlebar adapter systems
  • Requires the Tern Luggage Truss or Luggage Truss CMT to mount to bicycle frame
  • Find compatible bikes here
Kanga Rack Front Bike Rack Tern Bicycles

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
328 × 207 × 161 mm (12,9 × 8,1 × 6,3 i)
Load Capacity
7 kg (15,4 lb)
Aluminum 6061
Weight (per set)
0,489 kg (1,1 lb)

Product Reviews

Overall built-quality of the Kanga rack is top-notched! There is a harness that enables you to strap-on your satchel and helmet while you ride.

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