Sidekick Wide Decks vs. Sidekick Doublewide Decks: How to Choose

Sidekick Wide Decks vs. Sidekick Doublewide Decks: How to Choose

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This article refers to GSD Gen 2 bikes.

The GSD’s ultra-sturdy upper rear rack is one of the first things many folks notice about the bike—but don’t overlook what’s underneath. Your GSD’s lower decks are the key to carrying passengers and all kinds of cargo with comfort and ease.

All Gen 2 GSD models come with Integrated Lower Decks, which offer built-in support for cargo and passengers' feet. The Integrated Lower Decks also provide a rugged foundation for two optional accessories: the Sidekick Wide Decks and the Sidekick Doublewide Decks. Both of these lower deck options add width and load capacity to the lower decks. This article will explain the differences between the two and help you decide which one is right for you.

What are the Sidekick Wide Decks?

The Sidekick Wide Decks are fixed metal platforms that sit on top of the GSD’s Integrated Lower Decks.

They extend the lower decks' width to 12 cm and have a load capacity of 35 kg (77 lb) per side (70 kg or 154 lb total).

Sidekick Wide Decks

The Sidekick Wide Decks are great for supporting fully-loaded panniers and carrying moderately heavy cargo, and they also make a nice roomy footrest for passengers of all sizes.

If you plan to install the Sidekick Wide Decks, you may also want to install the Lockstand Extensions. The Lockstand Extensions add even more stability to the Atlas Lockstand. They also make it much easier to access the Lockstand with your foot when the Sidekick Wide Decks are installed.

What are the Sidekick Doublewide Decks?

The Sidekick Doublewide Decks are extra-wide, extra-sturdy metal platforms that fold up and away when not in use.

They extend the lower decks' width to 25 cm, making them twice as wide as the Sidekick Wide Decks (hence the name!). Thanks to their durable construction and strong support straps, they offer a load capacity of 50 kg (110 lb) per side (100 kg or 220 lb total).

Sidekick Doublewide Decks

The Sidekick Doublewide Decks will maximize your GSD’s hauling capacity, so if you plan to carry oversized or extra-heavy cargo, these are the ones you want. They’re so wide, you could easily set a crate, suitcase, barrel, or small piece of furniture right on top of them.

Sidekick Doublewide Decks

You could also use them as a passenger footrest, but honestly—it’s kind of overkill! If you decide to go for it anyway, use the included Passenger Strap to make sure the Doublewide Decks can't fold up while your passenger is using them.

If you plan to install the Sidekick Doublewide Decks, the Lockstand Extensions are required. The Lockstand Extensions provide the stability you'll need when loading/unloading heavy cargo, and also make it easier to engage the kickstand when the Doublewide Decks are in use. And when your kickstand is disengaged, the Extensions may also help prevent the Doublewide Decks from folding up if your GSD were to tip over.

How do the Sidekick Wide Decks and Sidekick Doublewide Decks compare?

Both the Sidekick Wide Decks and the Sidekick Doublewide Decks can help you do way more with your GSD, but there are some important differences between the two. Have a look at this comparison chart:

12 cm wide25 cm wide
Holds 35 kg per sideHolds 50 kg per side
Fixed designFold-away design
Ideal for passengers or moderately heavy loadsIdeal for extra-heavy and oversized loads
Great for towing bikesAlso great for towing bikes!
Part of the Clubhouse FortNot compatible with the Clubhouse Fort
Lockstand Extensions nice to haveLockstand Extensions required

So which should I choose?

That all depends on how you plan to use your GSD.

If you primarily plan to carry passengers plus moderately heavy cargo like big bags of groceries, the Sidekick Wide Decks may work great for you.

If you see yourself doing some serious hauling—think oversized loads like water cooler bottles, trunks, boxes, furniture, heavy tools, and so on—the Sidekick Doublewide Decks were made with you in mind.


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