Storm Shield

How to Use the Storm Shield on the GSD Gen 1

This article refers to GSD Gen 1 bikes. If you'd like to use the Storm Shield on the GSD Gen 2, click here.

The Storm Shield is a weather-resistant canopy that protects young passengers on the back of the GSD from rain, snow, and wind. Originally designed for the GSD Gen 2, the Storm Shield is also backwards compatible with the GSD Gen 1.

What You'll Need

To use the Storm Shield on the GSD Gen 1, you'll need the following accessories:

  • Clubhouse (Gen 1)
  • Something for foot and leg protection, like a set of panniers or wheelguards
  • Sidekick Lower Deck

How to Use

2 Kids on the Clubhouse, or 1 Kid on a Child Seat

When installed on the GSD Gen 1, the Storm Shield fits around the Clubhouse and accommodates up to two kids, with a maximum recommended height of 140 cm (with some extra room for helmets). If carrying a younger kid, remove the Clubhouse cushion and add a child seat.

Note: The Clubhouse (Gen 1) only fits one child seat.

Panniers for Foot and Leg Protection

We recommend using the Cargo Hold 52 Panniers (in Bucket Mode) in order to protect your kid's feet and legs. This setup does not create a completely enclosed cabin like the Clubhouse Fort on the GSD Gen 2, but it does provide sufficient rain and wind protection.

Note: It may also be possible to use a different set of panniers, like the Cargo Hold Panniers. Please make sure to secure or tuck away any dangling straps.

Sidekick Lower Deck for Foot Support

This setup requires the Sidekick Lower Deck for proper foot support. In addition, the Lower Deck allows you to load the panniers with heavier cargo.

Compatibility Questions

Q: Can I install the Storm Shield on my GSD Gen 1 equipped with the new Clubhouse+?

A: No. The Storm Shield is only compatible with the GSD Gen 1 equipped with the Clubhouse (Gen 1).

Q: Instead of using panniers to cover my kids' legs, can I install the Storm Box on my GSD Gen 1?

A: No. The Storm Box is not compatible with the GSD Gen 1.

Q: Why doesn't the Storm Shield work with a Clubhouse+ on a GSD Gen 1? And why doesn't the Storm Box work with the Clubhouse/Clubhouse+ on a GSD Gen 1?

A: We work very hard to make new accessories backwards compatible with existing bikes. But when you optimize for a new bike, backwards compatibility can be impossible to maintain.

The GSD Gen 2 rack is longer than the Gen 1 rack by about 6 cm. The Clubhouse+ is also longer and wider than the Clubhouse. For the Storm Shield, this means that installing it on a GSD Gen 1 with the Clubhouse+ results in a series of clearance issues (especially for taller riders) and may compromise basic functionalities like opening/closing the rollup windows, or even damage the accessory. For the Storm Box this also means clearance issues, with the added problems that the frame design of the Gen 1 prevents correct installation, and that the resulting setup is too loose to stay securely in place.

If an accessory does not have full functionality, we consider it not compatible. However, there may be hacks that allow compromised functionality and could work for some riders or use cases.