Trolley Rack

Easy transport
€ 149,95

Transform your Tern bike for easy travel with our patented Trolley Rack, which functions as an everyday rack and gives you extra portability for your folded Tern bike. The included cover hides the bike and keeps you and other passengers grease-free. Compatible with the Link-series of Tern bicycles.

  • Everyday rack that lets you pull along your folded bike along like a piece of luggage
  • Integrated cover protects from grease and grime
  • Bike seatpost and saddle function as a telescopic handle
  • Rack works with medium-sized side panniers and bags
Tern Trolley Rack

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
430 × 170 × 415 mm (16,9 × 6,7 × 16,3 i)
Load Capacity
25 kg (55,1 lb)
Aluminum 6061
Weight (per set)
1,35 kg (3 lb)