Trolley Rack

Easy transport

Transform your Tern for easy travel with the Trolley Rack. The included cover hides the bike and keeps you and other passengers grease-free. Compatible with the Link-series of Tern bicycles. Tern-patented technology.

  • Everyday rack that lets you pull along your folded bike along like a piece of luggage
  • Integrated cover protects from grease and grime
  • Bike seatpost and saddle function as a telescopic handle
  • Rack works with medium-sized side panniers and bags
Tern Trolley Rack

Get the Facts

Max Dimensions (per unit)
430 × 170 × 415 mm (16.9 × 6.7 × 16.3 in)
Load Capacity
25 kg (55.1 lb)
Aluminum 6061
Weight (per set)
1.35 kg (3 lb)