Tern Vektron Bosch Battery

Bosch PowerPack Battery

Mäxima potencia, mínimo peso

La batería tiene una alta potencia para tu bici. El mejor en su clase diseñado para cargar rápido desde cero en sólo 5 a 7.5 horas, y lte deja rodar más tiempo y más lejos hasta la siguiente carga . Te impresionará la larga vida de la batería, el peso tan ligero y su facilidad para cargar. Selecciona entre las variantes de 300, 400 y 500 Wh.

Light Weight

At just 5.5 lb, the weight is practically negligible during riding. The PowerPack is an ingenious balance of performance, size, and weight. 

More Mileage

Ride nice and long between charges thanks to best-in-class energy density.

Fast Charging

High-power density allows the PowerPack to charge to 50% in just 1.5 hours and fully in just 2.5 – 3.5 hours* (*Requires optional 4A Bosch Standard Charger).

Long Lifespan

PowerPacks are designed for many tours, miles, and years of service. The integrated Battery Management System protects the battery from overcharging, undervoltage, overheating, and short circuiting.


The ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to insert and remove the PowerPack for charging. Charge it easily on or off the bike.