Quick Haul equipped with Tern Glovebox, and Transporteur Rack

Top 5 Accessories for Your Quick Haul E-Bike

The Tern Quick Haul is an amazing e-bike that brings convenience and joy at an affordable price. We currently offer over 40 Tern compatible accessories for the Quick Haul, so you can easily customize a setup to tackle your daily biking needs–work commute, school runs, grocery shopping, doggy playdates…you name it, and we’ve got you covered.

Not sure where to start, or simply curious about what accessories other Quick Haul riders love? Every setup and rider is unique, but to help you get an idea, here are the top 5 Quick Haul accessories based on polling our Tern Quick Haul Facebook group, and top Tern bicycle dealers:

1. Transporteur or Hauler Front Rack

Utilizing the Combo Mount on the front of the Quick Haul headtube, the Transporteur and Hauler front racks can either be bolted on, or attached to the electric bike using our tool-free Quick Release CMT to hold up to 20 kg (44 lb) of your stuff.

Both front racks can carry a whole lot of cargo, but choosing between the two will largely depend on whether you prefer a wide platform with raised edges to hold things, or something more compact to get in and out of doors easier. These two front racks are neck and neck as the most popular Tern accessories for the Quick Haul.

2. DuoStand Gen 2

Most people turn to the Quick Haul over other e-bikes because they want a compact cargo bike to carry things with ease. That may be more groceries, a small child, or even a furry friend.

When loading or unloading cargo and passenger, it is a good idea to have a steady dual-sided kickstand. That is where the DuoStand Gen 2 kickstand shines.

The sturdy double-leg kickstand features a wide stance and adjustable height to provide extra stability (and peace of mind) when loading or unloading market goodies, strapping in a wriggly kid or dog, or parking on uneven surfaces.

Heads up!

Do not leave a passenger or pet unattended when using the DuoStand.

3. Cargo Hold 37 Panniers

If you are looking to carry more than what the standard pannier can hold (who can resist a good Costco find?), or want your child seat to fit together with your panniers, then the Cargo Hold 37 Panniers are perfect for you.

Think of these roomy panniers as your convertible car trunk–holding 74 L per pair, they can be folded flat when not in use, rolled up, or turned into Bucket Mode for the child seat legs to slide into. Perfect for carrying your little one and larger hauls of stuff.

4. Tern Glovebox

The Quick Haul and Short Haul cargo bikes have a very unique accessory: the Tern Glovebox. This water-resistant carrying case is designed to perfectly fit between the top and down tubes of the bikes, adding no bulk while still having plenty of room for all your essentials.

Much like a car’s glovebox, the handy Glovebox provides an easily-accessible compartment to keep a lock, phone, and flat tire emergency kit all within reach of the rider. It is a very popular accessory for the Quick Haul, as well as something many consumers are excited about!

5. Rear Rack Accessories for Your Kid or Pet

If you plan on bringing your kid or pet along for rides, the extended rear rack of the Quick Haul can hold up to 50 kg (110 lb), making the Quick Haul a great platform for a child seat, the Clubhouse Mini, or full Doghouse Mini setup (composed of the Clubhouse Mini, Dog Roof Mini, and Soft Crate Mini). If carrying a passenger, additional accessories may be required for safety. Check out our Passenger Guide to learn more.

Heads up!

As always, make sure to mind the 150 kg (330 lb) max gross vehicle weight that your Quick Haul e-cargo bike has been designed to safely carry.

To view our entire line of accessories, head over to our Accessories section.

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